Mel Comley

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Lieu: France
Jour de naissance: 15 juin
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I'm delighted by the response from people who have read and bought my books. Thank you all very much.

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Reading, writing being involved with like-minded people. Gardening and DIY.


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I'm Not Perfect and It's Okay (English Edition) de Dolores Ayotte
Dolores Ayotte has a habit of cosying up with her readers instead of preaching at or two them. I love Dolores writing style this is the third book of this author's I've thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Again, I found myself chuckling through the pages at her life experiences, and again, making similar comparisons at events which have happened in my own life. I can totally relate to the Christmas meal where Dolores's reluctant husband helped out in the kitchen. I'm sure men cause havoc on purpose so we won't ask them again to lend a hand. I too, after a little spat, asked my hubby to slice up a joint of roast beef when we'd not long been married, he sliced it okay, chopped it into… Lire la suite
Up The "Down" Ladder (English Edition) de Dolores Ayotte
5.0 étoiles sur 5 An inspirational read, 18 mai 2014
I've had the pleasure of reading Dolores's wonderful work before and jumped at the chance to read and review this book knowing that I would not be disappointed in this woman's excellent prose.

Yes, this book is about depression but I never anticipated it being a dark and uncomfortable read, not with this lady writing it.
To be honest I didn't realise that Dolores I have so many similarities. I too have suffered with depression in the past and have battled hard over the years to find something meaningful that would chase away the darkest of clouds overhanging my head, thankfully my writing has cured me of all my depressive thoughts.

As Dolores states so eloquently… Lire la suite
Look Behind You (English Edition) de Sibel Hodge
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Great read., 26 avril 2014
I've read and enjoyed all of Sibel's books, they're all must reads. This one is totally different to the normal genre she likes to write in but that isn't matter a jot, Sibel's wonderful 'voice' is still there for all to see and enjoy.

Right from the outset the reader is gripped by the throat and rooting for Chloe when she escapes from an underground tomb. Nobody cares or believes her when she informs them that someone is trying to kill her.

Great read worthy of a place on anyone's virtual bookshelf.