P. A. Doornbos

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Classement des meilleurs critiques: 1 196 - Total des votes Utile : 136 sur 144
In the Skin of a Lion de Michael Ondaatje
In the Skin of a Lion de Michael Ondaatje
This, only his second novel, is considered by many his masterpiece. This reader is impressed how so much action and drama were compressed into such a small book. MO did so because of a writing style called by many poetic, full of metaphors and symbolism. Total darkness is a recurring image in different contexts, so is horizon. No doubt there are more such images.
This against a background of the immigrants shaping Toronto into a modern city in the 1920s and-30s. Or earlier, in the North, logging in harsh winter conditions. The novel revolves around Patrick Lewis, who falls in love with two actresses, first Sarah, later with her friend Alice. Later key characters are Hana and… Lire la suite
Wolves of the Crescent Moon de Yousef Al-Mohaimeed
Wolves of the Crescent Moon de Yousef Al-Mohaimeed
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Hell on Earth, 11 avril 2014
Readers may find its first few chapters a bit hard to digest, but once its rhythm and passion is understood, this well -crafted, colourful novel, banned in Saudi Arabia is pure bliss. It does (and does not really) take place during a single sleepless night in a bus terminal in what main protagonist Turad calls hell on earth, the Saudi capital Riyadh. There is little action apart from Turad sitting, walking, eating something in the vicinity of the terminal. Finding an official personal file left accidentally by a bus passenger and making a phone call in the early morning are Turads main exertions.
But the novel reflects his roaring stream of thoughts about his own life and that of a… Lire la suite
Pleading Guilty de Scott Turow
Pleading Guilty de Scott Turow
This novel was a letdown for several reasons, but also made me laugh out loud while struggling through its many pages. Its six chapters are transcripts of 6 tape recordings by Mack Malloy (MM), reporting more than frankly and in exhausting detail about the task he has been given. But what he tells us readers, is his take, viewpoint only about events following the disappearance of colleague Bert along with USD 5.6m from a special account of G&G, a big law firm in Kindle County that is dangerously, incestuously almost, dependent on one client.
What I liked was MM describing his past and Irish roots with its thieving firemen and bent cops. And his own success as a lawyer and his… Lire la suite