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Classement des meilleurs critiques: 1 247 - Total des votes Utile : 145 sur 154
Missionary Stew de Ross Thomas
Missionary Stew de Ross Thomas
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Pure delight, 23 juillet 2014
This delightful novel has many strengths and no weaknesses and is situated in the Central African Republic (CAR), the US and a fictional Central American dictatorship in and around 1981-2. The main character is Morgan Citron, a travel writer in his forties, who spent 13 months in a jail in CAR and is trying to come to terms with life as a free man. Time and again he is asked the same question about his ordeal: Was the incumbent emperor/president/chief spear chucker really a cannibal?
Other characters include Draper Haere, an electoral rainmaker with a sideline in direct mail, Morgans estranged mother Gladys, a gangster named Byron Shelley Keats and his daughter Velveeta, and… Lire la suite
Pictures from the Water Trade de John David Morley
Pictures from the Water Trade de John David Morley
The first person thanked in this debut is Diana Athill, Morleys editor and a legend at Andre Deutsch, a publisher who launched many literary careers. Today she is 96 years old and if GRANTA is to be believed, still active. This reader suspects that the first draft of Morleys work was written in the I-form, first person singular as an ego document. And that Ms Athill with the author rewrote it in the he-form, occasionally causing stilted prose and dialogue, but allowing easier inclusion of Morleys many insights about Japan.
Is this a novel? Much of the book is a painstaking account of a Brit called Boons efforts over three years to immerse himself in Japanese culture. His quest… Lire la suite
The Deep Blue Goodbye: Introduction by Lee Child: &hellip de John D MacDonald
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Wonderful, 24 juin 2014
Apart from working and living among its friendly people, one of the few joys of working in Sudan in the late 1970s and -80, was being a TCM (third country member) of the American Club in Khartoum. I recently spied on it via Google Earth, and yes, its swimming pool is still there, looking clean and filled with water. Its bar was shut in September 1983 when Sharia Law was declared. It organised many events, had good food and best of all, a library full of left- behind books like Gibbons three-volume Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire but also a wall of crime and spy novels. This how I became a fan of John D. McDonald.
Fact is that when the bar was still in business, I was one of… Lire la suite