Hans G. Hoser

"Painter, sailor"
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"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!": Adventures o&hellip de Richard P. Feynman
...then you should read this book. You will be surprised that a Nobel price winner still feels such a need to tell the world what a great guy he is, whatever he does and whatever he thinks is better than else. Even apparent self criticism is de facto used to enhance his image. You will also learn what he thinks of his colleagues, about other areas of science and in particular "cargo science", a term to which he devotes a whole chapter, without ever defining it. No need, it is encompassing all but physics and mathematics.

You will also learn that a great brain is not necessarily a great spirit. Mr Feynman's work has tremendously contributed to scientific progress, and he was… Lire la suite
Kanaan SCART RGB Video + Convertisseur Audio vers &hellip de KanaaN
Je n'ai pas encore réusi à faire fonctionner cet appareil. Je voulais l'utiliser pour afficher des vidéos VHS sur une Télé Samsung dernier modèle mais n'obtiens que des images brouillés en gris. Le mode d'emploi étant limité (pas grand'chose à faire de toutes façons, à part de le brancher), force est de constater que l'appareil ne fonctionne pas toujours - et pour moi pas du tout.
Where the Ocean Meets the Sky: Solo into the Unkno&hellip de Crispin Latymer
Before he set out to travel singlehandedly across the Atlantic, Crispin Latymer was a banker who liked to sail. But these 23 days changed his vision and chances are that he is now a sailor working as a banker for a living. Nothing really spectacular happened. Sure, he has been (supposedly) followed by pirates, went through (the fringe of) a tropical storm, suffered several (short) gale episodes in the inter-tropical convergence zone, but what really changed him was wind and water, the endless voyage towards the place "where the ocean meets the sky". In his very simple and honest way, his well written story helps us all to understand why we go to sea. This is a must read for all sailors,… Lire la suite

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