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Hello! My name is Murray S. Fradin. I am the author of JIHAD: The Mahdi Rebellion in the Sudan. When the World Trade Center Disaster occurred, I was deeply saddened and incensed as were many Americans. Then, as the post 9/11 period emerged with the rise of Islamic terrorism and attacks on Western targets throughout the world, I felt a need to update my research on radical Islamic movements and the… Lire la suite


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The Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars de Douglas H Johnson
Author Johnson gives us a strong background of the current civil wars being waged in Sudan from the Arabic North to the African South. It is a story of bitter tribal warfare including genocide on a monumental scale. The roots of this struggle actually go back to the 7th century when Islam spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Sudan was a strange place composed of an Arabicized North and a tribal South. Domination of the South by Arab leadership in Khartoum created fertile grounds for the practice of slavery, particularly in the Bahr al-Ghazal area. A very important book for anyone who wishes to learn about the historical and cultural development of Sudan to this day. Top… Lire la suite