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Fiio DAC Audio portables Andes E07K de FiiO
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it owns most of the features and performance of the higher-priced fiio E17, but lack coaxial input. Nevertheless, it still provides a support of 24bit/96khz format that is still not quite popular yet. thanks to the buf, the USB input on E07K is stable and solid. it goes well with common players as KMP and foobar. The output power is strong enough to drive most earphone with impedance less than 150 ohms. It is basically flawless all through bass to treble, with a solid but deep bass and a clear, sweet treble and most importantly, a proper vocal range. But still, compare to high-end desk DACs, it sounds a little bit less delicate. As for an amp, it serves loyally to pick up and amplifiy the… Lire la suite

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