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The Design of Everyday Things de Don Norman
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"The Design of Everyday Things" by Donald A. Norman is said to be one of those great usability books. I bought mine at a major usability conference, believing the hype. My conclusion: Useful, but overhyped.

Norman takes a theme that says, "Look at history and you will see how the objects we use daily are sensible and functional. Now, design websites and software likewise," and develops a complete book.

Rats. I gave it all away. Now you do not need to buy the book, nor read any its 257 pages.

Really, that's more or less all there is to the book.

It is easy to read, but, in the end, becomes repetitive and is deficient in assisting the reader with… Lire la suite
Spider-Man 2 (Édition simple) <b>DVD</b> ~ Tobey Maguire
Spider-Man 2 (Édition simple) DVD ~ Tobey Maguire
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No, Harry Oswald doesn't go around quoting "The Princess Bride," or referring to Inigo Montoya's famous quest to revenge his father's death by a six-fingered man. However, he blames Spiderman for the death of his father (AKA the Green Goblin). He'll do anything to avenge his father, and that includes making a deal with Dr. Octopus.
That, and several other excellent subplots help make Spiderman 2 the best screen adaptation of a comic book series. I argue that it is better than best-of-show in a genre, and can be placed in the echelons of great movies overall.
Although incredible effects help create a real Spiderman, the movie excels because of the humanity of Peter… Lire la suite
Rocky <b>DVD</b> ~ Sylvester Stallone
Rocky DVD ~ Sylvester Stallone
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Rocky Balboa, now an icon of American culture, began his story here. Apollo Creed, a fighter with the class and style of Muhammad Ali, needs a boxer in the heavyweight championships when his opponent breaks his hand. He chooses Rocky, an unknown fighter with a marketable nickname, "The Italian Stallion."
Rocky is just a decent boxer from Philly who could have achieved something if he had more drive. He lives a futile life of discouragement, surviving on hard work and honor. He's a collection agent for a loan shark, and tries, even then, to treat his clients right, giving them the chance to pay up.
When Creed makes his offer to Rocky, Rocky realizes this is his door to… Lire la suite