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Taking Chance [Import USA Zone 1] <b>DVD</b> ~ Kevin Bacon
This movie shows how the majority of American people reacts to the loss of their children to war. They share the sorrow and pain with the soldiers' next of kin and express their Respect for the fallen . Some may think that this looks like war propaganda. I think it's a Nation's tribute to those who gave their lives for what they love: their soldier mates, their friends, their families, their belifs and their country.

Recommended to all that think that Honor and Respect help to build a nation.
War and Anti-War: Survival at the Dawn of the 21st&hellip de Alvin Toffler
The book clarifies the "WHY" of several actions taken by the US Army worldwide and the possible consequences of the development of new "no-lethal" weapons.

It also shows the consequences of the new media interactions with the governments and the effects and power of the new social networks (Facebook, twitter, etc)

Whilst it has been written in 1993, it remains relevant and discuss/shows things that are still to come.
En Concert <b>DVD</b> ~ Grand Corps Malade
En Concert DVD ~ Grand Corps Malade
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Voir les chansons ?, 15 octobre 2012
Les chansons/slam de GCM sont si brillants que j'ai eu envie d'acheter la version DVD avec le spectacle theatral, Grand Corps Malade en Concert. Histoire de "voir la musique, les môts". Un spectacle très agreable, un peu "pasteurisé" mais toujours d'une excelente qualité.
Vivement recommendé.