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GOOD QUEEN BETH (English Edition) de Alan Hardy
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Sexy Army, 28 avril 2014
GOOD QUEEN BETH by Alan Hardy is another big hit! British society may never be the same again but maybe that is a good thing!
Alan Hardy with his brilliant writing and great wit has drawn me into another book.

Different characters like Jason and Beth, and all of the sexy army (with all of their great names) and the royal family, like Prince Farts, kept me turning the pages to see what hilarious antics would happen next. I really got wrapped up in the story-line which had many scenarios on how things should be run when one has power.

There is plenty of war that I imagine at one time actually, was quite similar with the ruthlessness of the times. Sex? Mr. Hardy has… Lire la suite
Adventures of Alex and Katie: Books 1-3 (Firebird,&hellip de Julia Gousseva
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Wonderful Books, 21 janvier 2014
Adventures of Alex and Katie: Books 1-3 (The Firebird, The Lollipop,... By Julia Gousseva is a wonderful Collection of Books to have in any Library!

This collection has wonderful stories that are excellently written and fun. Who doesn't like to write their own ending in a story? In traditional fairytale style, the author has created a marvelous book that all will enjoy.

All tales have an ending, but the children in this story get to create them when the words disappear from the pages. From the talking fish to the great Leshi and many more wonderful characters, this book is full of inspirational ideas in how to deal with problems and the creative solutions are very… Lire la suite
Anya's Story (Russian History Stories Book 3) (Eng&hellip de Julia Gousseva
Anya's Story" by Julia Gousseva is a wonderful story with an insightful look into a young Russian girl, Anya. I am a big fan of this author after reading "Moscow Dreams" I couldn't wait for the continuing story.

Anya's love life changes and she is forced to make quick decisions that will change the rest of her life.

Anya is a wonderful character, very courageous as she travels far from home and into the unknown, she is naïve, and idealistic and when the unexpected happens her life will change again.

An excellent plot twist that I didn't expect and I was sorry this book came to an end. Hopefully the story of Anya will continue...

Author Julia… Lire la suite