Fabio Valle

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Love books on business, strategy, marketing and those that stimulate my intellectual curiosity


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What Engineers Know and How They Know It de Vincenti
If you like to understand technology and innovation, this book explores the development of the aviation history to see how technical knowledge have been developed...
The book explains how engineering knowledge is created. It is not just scientific knowledge, but also practical knowledge coming from experiments - sometimes also random experiments...
A wonderful book for innovators, engineers, and policy markers in the field of innovation.
The tipping point de Malcolm Gladwell
The tipping point de Malcolm Gladwell
A good and very vivid book for marketing professionals. The book explains with very clear and concrete example how the diffusion of innovation happens and how information and word of mouth is transferred...
A must read for any person working on marketing or PR
Say It With Presentations: How to Design and Deliv&hellip de Gene Zelazny
I advise this book to all the people working in consulting or in business roles if they want to improve their charts and their presentation. It is constantly used by big consulting companies as McKinsey for their junior consultants.

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