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I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, and perpetual student (and practitioner) of communication, writing, persuasion, influence, hypnosis, mind-power, esoteric subjects, western and eastern inner alchemy, taoist yoga, kundalini yoga, vedic astrology, tantra, mantras, vastu, qigong, foreign languages, healing modalities, herbalism, and many other interesting subjects

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hypnosis, nlp, spirituality, communication, alchemy, yoga, herbalism, mantras, astrology, qigong, healing, marketing, influence, persuasion, mind-power, writing, foreign languages


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The Impersonal Life de Joseph Benner
The Impersonal Life de Joseph Benner
This is probably the smallest and the most direct book that guides the person to experiencing the God within. If you let the words of this book guide you, are really follow the instructions, you'll step into another world and have a taste of your REAL SELF. The book is such a blessing that opens the door wide for you, if you're willing to step across.
Course In Miracles 3rd de Foundation For Inner Peace
Course In Miracles 3rd de Foundation For Inner Peace
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 The book that changes lives, 18 décembre 2011
When I first got this book, it was sitting on the shelf for about five years before I was in the right state of mind to begin working with it. When I did finally get to working with it, I was faced with a problem out of which I had no clue how to get out, so I gave my best shot to this book. I was totally, wholeheartedly committed to working with it and the results paid off beyond my wildest dreams. I have read many helpful book in my lifetime, but none has such a profound and lasting effect as this one.

Working with A Course in Miracles never ends, but the most dramatic changes I have experienced were during that first year, when my perception and experience of the world turned… Lire la suite
Mind Probe-Hypnosis de Irene D. O. Hickman
Mind Probe-Hypnosis de Irene D. O. Hickman
The first thing that distinguishes this book from other past-life regression methods is that the suggestion given to the individual was not to go and revisit past life, but rather simply to "go back to the origin of the problem".

The book begins with Irene Hickmans' assistant (a hypnotist) who couldn't accept the idea of past lives, giving suggestion to the client to go back to the origin of the problem, and the hypnotist becoming bewildered with the client finding herself in another lifetime.

The cases described in this book are both informative and utterly entertaining to read. It is the most wonderful book on past-life regression.