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Buddhism Plain and Simple de Steve Hagen
Buddhism Plain and Simple de Steve Hagen
This is a good book about Buddhism if you already have some years of learning about the subject or practicing however as an introduction this is awful the writer is almost enigmatic in his writing and I think that in the whole book he must have used 5 examples at best the rest of the time he will simply leave you with a vague concept and it's for you to understand it and work on it
for example in a sentence he writes that you should learn to forget all your senses but he doesn't take the time to explain how or why
in the end I think I did learn some interesting things but I felt very confused since there are so many notions that aren't well explained
The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set de Suzanne Collins
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3.0 étoiles sur 5 Great books awful box set, 27 janvier 2012
I bought this mostly for the box set, I thought that I will be able to keep the 3 books in there box set and that they will look great on my book shelf, what happend is that the "box set" is just a thin paper it has no shape and it's just plain awful, you can get a better result by making one yourself with your printer.
So if you are buying this product just to get a box set, I strongly sugest that you don't do so