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Classement des meilleurs critiques: 2 608 - Total des votes Utile : 169 sur 232
Social Interest: Adler's Key to the Meaning of Lif&hellip de Alfred Adler
This book was advised to me by someone on Amazon but I found it so very boring and not at all to the point that I gave up after a while, something I never do as I find that most books do contain some important messages even if in the whole they are not what you expected. If you are a professional this is maybe the book for you, if you are just someone trying to understand human behaviour it is quite heavy stuff and not at all easy to read.
Women Who Love Too Much de Robin Norwood
Women Who Love Too Much de Robin Norwood
3.0 étoiles sur 5 Not a very balanced book....., 23 février 2014
I bought this book because all my life I tried my best in relationships and they never quite seem to work. Was I obsessed with the wrong men? Not really and after reading this book I realised that I am not obsessed with men at all! I may have made the wrong choices driven by what happened in my past but I dont try to change men to suit me. Even in my teens I proved to myself that rather than change a man I would like to find a man who wants to live his life the same way I do as I didnt think it possible to change anybody to suit me. Every time a man would start promising me that he could change that would be a clue that I had to get out of that relationship. And I have always listened… Lire la suite
Wales (Horrible Histories) by Deary, Terry 1st (fi&hellip de Terry Deary
2.0 étoiles sur 5 Truly horrible stories, 23 février 2014
I bought this little book as a joke for my husbands 60th birthday and read it through before his birthday. Would I give such a book to a child? Not at all, but then I am not British so maybe I just dont get British humour! Would I have bought this book at all if it wasnt cheap and seemed like a great joke at the time? No, not really, no! But if you have Welsh friends it is great to wind them up!

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