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The Black Count: Glory, revolution, betrayal and t&hellip de Tom Reiss
Reiss supplements extensive research with recently discovered archives to recount the life of a fascinating and little known figure. As he does so, he provides fascinating insights into the political and cultural climate before, during and after the French revolution, including the development of racism during this period. Hightly recommended !
Schubert:Impromptus/Laendler ~ Cordelia Williams
Schubert:Impromptus/Laendler ~ Cordelia Williams
Ms Williams uses her dazzling technic skills only for enhancing the music and never to distract attention from the composer's intentions. Just wonderful !
What Happened to Goldman Sachs: An Insider's Story&hellip de Steven G. Mandis
Mandis makes a good case for the application of organizational drift to the case of Goldman Sachs, and since he had worked there, he has insights into its day to day operations that are very informative. It's worth reading, but its academic style becomes a little heavy at times. More important, his insistence on 'academic neutrality', used as a justification for not making value judgments, is irritating when he discusses some of the excesses that made Goldmann one of the culprits in the recent meltdown.