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Have moved to Nicaragua...I'm not reviewing anymore!

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Learning more about my faith, animal rights, music, literature, and healthy food, and so much more. I have endless curiosity about everything.


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The True Justice of a Just God: Discovering God's &hellip de Lawrence Panarello
5.0 étoiles sur 5 A Wise and Wonderful Book, 19 septembre 2007
"The True Justice of a Just God" is an inspired work, that will fill you with hope and love. Exquisitely written, it has a simplicity and graceful beauty in its style that is a rarity in this age; it is a joy to read not only for the power of its thoughts, but also for the words chosen to express them. Lawrence A. Panarello explains scholarly subjects in a way that is easy to understand, and describes the many forms of justice in biblical times: The Civil Court or Tribunal, the Elders, and the Daysman, or mediator. In Chapter 4, the Book of Job (which is often a stumbling block for readers and the reason many find it the hardest book in the Bible to grasp), is commented on superbly, and… Lire la suite
Once in Kazakhstan: The Snow Leopard Emerges de Keith Rosten
5.0 étoiles sur 5 the birth of a nation, 11 avril 2005
Based on a journal that details the emergence and struggles of the new nation of Kazakhstan in the '90s, this is timely and fascinating reading, as it tells of the process we see unfolding currently in Afghanistan and Iraq, with the same problems of violence and lack of basic services.
Rosten's first trip to Kazakhstan was in 1991, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, and he returned two years later to teach U.S. law in Almaty, then the capital of the country.
"Once in Kazakhstan" is much more than a recounting of political upheavals, it is alive with vivid descriptions, some of them hilarious, as Rosten has the gift of keen observation, and also a marvelous dry wit,… Lire la suite
The Passion of Christ  (Bande Originale du Film) ~ John Debney
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 haunting and beautiful, 23 mars 2004
John Debney's intense, melodic score adds much atmosphere to Mel Gibson's magnificent film, but can also stand on its own as intriguing and lovely listening. It uses a lot of background vocals and chanting to great effect, and fascinating instruments that give it a middle-eastern flavor; notable is the duduk, which is an ancient double-reed similar to the clarinet, often used in Armenian folk traditions.
It is a score that changes from gentle tenderness to percussive strength, always interesting in its many moods. A few tracks have lush string arrangements, and track # 9, "Mary Goes to Jesus" takes flight on wings of sound.
Other contributors to the score are Jack Lenz,… Lire la suite