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Classement des meilleurs critiques: 9 277 - Total des votes Utile : 48 sur 75
Cracked (Soul Eater Book 1) (English Edition) de Eliza Crewe
4.0 étoiles sur 5 Amazing story, 28 septembre 2014
Overall note: 4,5/5
I had a high expectations of this book. There were plenty of readers who cheered about it and love it...So I'm prepared myself for mind-blowing adventure named "Cracked"...and I waited a big part of the book to cheer about it and love it, like everyone did. That is why I will separate my review in two parts.
First 50% :
Characters: Meda (17y.o) is funny, sarcastic soul eater that see no harm in ripping out human bodies in hundreds bloody pieces (she needs to "eat" in order to stay alive). They are just humans, so why not? Oh, these humans also are murderers,rapists, bad people. So, Meda is some kind of chevaleresque soul eater. She is also… Lire la suite
Angelbound (English Edition) de Christina Bauer
Angelbound (English Edition) de Christina Bauer
3.0 étoiles sur 5 Could be better..., 28 septembre 2014
Overall it was a funny and interesting book.
Characters: Myla was a real butt kicker, she was also funny and big mouthed. There were A LOT of glimpses of who Myla is really is and WHO is her father. But our heroine didn't get it until the third part of the book. I was bored and angry and wanted to shake her..but it's ok, from the third part some dynamisme was pulled into the story and I found myself glued to the book. The secondary characters were undeveloped, I almost didn't care about Cissy and Zeke's relationship (at the end, I think author struggled to put them in to the story, because they were needless,so she imagined some stupid stuff about the doors). Myla's mother was another… Lire la suite
Introductions: The Ghost Bird Series: #1 (The Acad&hellip de C. L. Stone
2.0 étoiles sur 5 Pour les ados uniquement, 25 août 2014
J'ai eu ce livre gratuitement, donc pas de regret. Il faut quand même dire que ce livre est une collection de rêves les plus précieux de (presque) tous les adolescentes. Sang (15-16 ans) est une fille très timide. Sa mère abuse d'elle (moralement et physiquement), son père l'ignore et sa s½ur ne l'aime pas. Voila pour la famille idéale. Dès tout début Sang fait la connaissance de Kota, garçon charmant, mais peut être un peu trop sérieux pour son age (16 ans aussi). Puis, au fil des pages nous découvrons les autres garçons (sept en tout) plus deux professeurs qui sont tous mystérieusement liés par lAcadémie… Lire la suite

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