Stephanie Noverraz

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Lieu: Lausanne, Switzerland
Anniversaire: 5 octobre
Jour de naissance: 24 mars
Avec mes propres mots:
I'm a 35-year-old Swiss girl.
I love Fantasy books. I have a Fantasy books database, with over 2600 authors and 10500 titles at
My favourite author is Robin Hobb.
I work as a computer graphic designer but would love to make a living of my book illustations. Check them out on
My favourite bands are Girls in Hawaii, Nada Surf, Sebadoh, Grandaddy, =W=eezer (… Lire la suite

Intérêts :
Fantasy, Indie Rock, Zelda, New Zealand.


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The High Lord: The Black Magician Trilogy Book 3 de Trudi Canavan
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 A very engrossing story., 14 février 2006
It's been a year since the Challenge, and Sonea is finally treated with some respect by the other novices.
This third and final volume first concentrates on the mysterious murders that have been recently committed in the city of Imardin. One thing is certain, Black Magic has been used to kill these people. Aware of the High Lord's secret knowledge of this forbidden power, Administrator Lorlen and Lord Rothen's are more and more lead to think that the murderer might be Akkarin.
However, Sonea knows these dead are actually Sachakan slaves sent by their master to kill the High Lord, so the latter was merely defending himself. But she still finds it hard to feel at ease… Lire la suite
The Magicians' Guild: The Black Magician Trilogy B&hellip de Trudi Canavan
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Enjoyable and entertaining., 18 janvier 2006
It's the beginning of winter in the city of Imardin, it's the day of the Purge. Like every year for thirty years, the streets are being cleared of beggars, homeless vagrants and suspected criminals, and Sonea, her aunt Jonna and uncle Ranel have just been kicked out of the stayhouse they've been living in for years. Sonea has been sent ahead to see if they can get a room at their old place before the guards and magicians drive them beyond the Outer Circle.
Reaching the North Square where a large crowd has gathered, she meets some street youths, among which her friends Cery and Harrin. As a row of Magicians begin to push people forward, the young boys start their yearly… Lire la suite
The Norse Myths de Kevin Crossley-Holland
The Norse Myths de Kevin Crossley-Holland
4.0 étoiles sur 5 Must-have reference., 4 janvier 2006
Finally I've found it: the book of tales of Odin, and Thor, and Bifrost, and Ragnarok! What a pleasure to read the tales that inspired so much of the world's fantasy literature! Here you'll find the background stories behind and the likes of Beowulf, the Nibelungenlied or the Volsungs' Saga, and obviously the roots of Professor Tolkien's own Middle-Earth mythology, so numerous are the similarities.
Not only are the thirty-two myths comprised in this translation very well told and captivating, but the introduction and notes are very complete and interesting, not to mention the very practical glossary and index. I haven't read Snorri Sturluson's Edda so… Lire la suite

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