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a bit of everything (novel, crime, fantasy, comics,...) and cookbooks


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Bouchon Bakery de Thomas Keller
Bouchon Bakery de Thomas Keller
5.0 étoiles sur 5 Yummy, 1 juillet 2014
The recipes are great and the tone is very professional which might put some people of but not me.
The cookies look great and it's the kind of book that makes me want to cook better, to go further, to have beauty in the plate to accompany the taste.
Thomas Keller is demanding with quality and taste and as a cook, I think it's important to have this kind of inspiration too. The technique is on the spot but the recipes are beautiful and delicious.
It's not an easy format for a cook book but it's a beautiful one.
Enjoy and don't be scared by the "neatness" of it!
Japanese Farm Food de Nancy Singleton Hachisu
Japanese Farm Food de Nancy Singleton Hachisu
I loved reading this book. Nancy is American and she traveled around Europe. Her way of telling her story, of telling about her life made me travel to Japan although I've never been there. I love the pictures whether of the food or of her surroundings. It's a book about food, about Nancy's experience in Japan, in cooking, about a culture so far away from ours. It's one of my favorite book about Japan cuisine because it's more than a cookbook.
Léon fast food au naturel de H Dimbleby
4.0 étoiles sur 5 Better then it looks, 1 juillet 2014
At first the book didn't inspire me. The vintage look isn't appetizing to me.
But as I read the introduction to recipes, I found interest in a lot of recipes. It's not the kind of approach I have but I think that's what makes it a good book to have in the end.
The tone is fun, some of the lay out is great, it's really the color of the food photos that puts me of.
But apart from the form, the philosophy of Leon's creators is close to mine and their approach are modern and adequate.

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