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3,5 sur 5 étoiles2
3,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 24 janvier 2014
Actually not bad considering the couple previous novels. You will still feel like Goodkind i taking you for a bit of an idiot, repeating the same things, over and over again, but the story at leat moves faster than in Phantom and Chainfire. The big problem with this book is the LAZY ending. Feels like the author just ended up at the end of his manuscript without really knowing how to end it and just said "f*** it, I'm gonna try and find the most easy way to resolve everything I've been talking about for the last decade". Incredibly disapointing. But hey, the book cover is nice and glossy and amazon did a good job as usual, so...you know...two stars for that.
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le 5 juin 2010
petit livre pratique, peu cher, et permettant de connaître la fin de l'histoire avant la traduction début 2011 :)
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