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le 26 août 2011
FLAWLESS, the second book in the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS series, creates some serious questions for readers. But like many books in a series, you should only read this second book if you've read the first, to get the full effect! You wouldn't want to ruin a good book!

In FLAWLESS, an unexpected person dies, and the girls continue to get more notes from someone named "A." The identity of "A" is still the big, looming question in this book! Some unanswered questions about Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer are answered. Some of the things that we all wondered from the first PRETTY LITTLE LIARS book are also answered. But there are definitely still things that I wanted--and needed--to know!

After I read PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, I knew I had to read the sequel! But now, with FLAWLESS, there are still so many unanswered questions at the end that we'll have to read the entire series, including book three, to find the answers!

Reviewed by: Taylor Rector
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Un second tome qui démarre sur des chapeaux de roues et qui s'éloigne carrément de la série où les quatre menteuses apparaissent plus "policées" que dans les livres

J'aime le récit de "l'accident" de Jenna et également le fait que malgré la fin du premier tome, les 4 filles ne soient toujours pas réunies au début de celui ci.

Sur Emily : on découvre une fille un peu plus fouillée que dans la série où ce personnage m'a toujours semblé un peu délaissé. Le thème de son homosexualité et ses doutes sont bien traités.

Hanna : la relation avec son père et avec Sean sont une fois de plus bien rendus ainsi que les anecdotes sur Mona.

Spencer : celle dont le personnage diffère le plus avec la série, ce n'est pas tant que ça son personnage qui change mais plus l'attitude de ses parents ( réellement imbuvables) et est un peu plus hardie que dans la série...

Aria : pour elle aussi les choses sont différentes, notamment avec Ezra ( qui est assez absent au regard de la série) Mérédith fait aussi sa réapparition...

J'ai aimé le fait que l'accident de Jenna soit raconté à travers les yeux des 4 filles, ça donne vraiment une idée des choses et chaque version apporte quelque chose. Les flashback Ali sont aussi bien trouvés et montrent une relation différente pour chaque fille avec la disparue. L'histoire est différente de celle de la série mais je dois admettre que j'accroche bien, grâce au côté moins policé de l'écriture. C'est sans pitié et j'aime

Les plus : une écriture relativement fouillée sur les personnages pour de la littérature jeunesse, une ambiance assez sombre et des filles moins policées que dans la série.

Les moins : les marques.... parfois, on a un peu l'impression de lire un dépliant publicitaire !

En bref : Un second tome à la hauteur du premier et réellement bien fait. Il y a du suspens, de l'amour et surtout des filles pas si liées que ça :)
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le 29 mai 2010
I admit that I love chick lit and I also love a wickedly riveting series, such as the Pretty Little Liars Series.

Dramatis Personae

Alison "Ali" DeLaurentis: a bright, popular girl who led a clique of other rich, indulged girls. The others are more like satellites than actual friends as they know Ali is a powerful ally to have. They drop designer names every chance they get. They live in Rosewood, a suburb of Philadelphia on the Main Line. Ali, known for insidious cruelty has plenty of secrets. So do the other girls, all of whom have good reason to want Ali to do a permanent disappearing act.

Aria, an attractive, athletic brunette who was glad to escape Rosewood for Iceland. She has a yak-fur bag to which she is inordinately attached. Her father accepts a teaching position there and for 3 years, Aria and her younger brother by 2 years Mike, learn Icelandic and absorb Icelandic culture. Unlike Mike, Aria wants to remain in Iceland. She has a painful non-Ali related secret - she caught her father cheating with another woman. Once back in town, she picks up an older man in a bar and once school starts, discovers that her Ezra is her English teacher! She knows how to play to get an A! She also stalks her father's new yoga teaching girlfriend and let's just say that she is not interested in taking a yoga class.

Spencer, the grind who sputters at the drop of a designer hat. She earns As and other academic plaudits for real. She has long been eclipsed by her favored older sister, Melissa and when she steals Melissa's boyfriend for the second time, her cold-hearted family ostracizes her. To make a bad thing even worse, they even cancel her credit cards without telling her and stop inviting her to meals. Melissa, a pompous Drama Queen has long reveled in her Favored Daughter status and you just want to kick her in the shins.

Hanna, the former fat girl now turned femme fatale is the weakest link in the chain. Bulimic and insecure, she has now linked forces with another social outcast. Together, they drop designer names and flaunt fashion like it's going out of style. Hanna's relationship with her divorced mother is more like business associates than family. (Hanna's mother works for a company called McManus & Tate, which sounds like a spoof of the advertising firm of McMann & Tate in "Bewitched" [1964-72]). Her father's fiancee Isabel has a daughter Kate who is Hanna's age and Hanna feels that Kate has replaced her. She does not have a good relationship with her father either and engages in illegal activities. In this installment, she gets drunk at some fancy party and steals her former date's father's car and let's just say that car spent a lot of time in the shop after Hanna got through with it. Hanna's mother has a rather unique way of settling the problem that is far more complicated than covering for Hanna when Hanna stole jewelry from high end stores. To make a bad scene even worse, Hanna's mother locks her out of the house one night after she and Hanna acted a fool at a hotel where Hanna's father invited Hanna for a weekend.

Emily discovers that love comes in the most unexpected places. She discovers her family's true colors of bigotry as she also learns some things about herself. She has to be ready to stand by her convictions, even though she places herself in danger.

The girls are ALL in danger and maybe even Jenna as well. Ali has been discovered murdered and the case has been opened once again. The girls are all on high alert as to cover each other and figure out who killed her and if this mysterious stalker called A is the one responsible.

A is a mysterious shadow figure who haunts the girls, sending them anonymous text messages and e-mails. A outlines their daily activities and gives them lists of instructions, which, if not carried out will result in death at worst, danger and exposure at best to the surviving satellites.

The girls band together after Ali sets the wheels in motion for the traumatic incident with devastating repercussions they call "the Jenna Thing." Shortly after the Jenna Thing, Ali disappears and the girls as well as the townspeople are determined to find her. A Rosewood Alum, now a police officer hounds the girls once Ali's case has been reopened. This officer takes a harder look into the case when someone the girls knew well becomes casualty.

Somebody called A knows more about Ali and her satellites than they could ever imagine. A texts and e-mails them, telling them where they've been and what they've done. A also blackmails them. The question is, who is A? One of the girls? Someone close to Jenna? A neighbor? An intrusive officer?

This is a deliciously wicked and riveting read that will keep readers bound to the last page. You really feel their pain when their own families ostracize them, as in Spencer and Hanna's case. Bigotry crops up again in this installment. Melissa and Spencer vie for the affections of one of Melissa's classmates, who is Anglo-Korean. Emily discovers that she, too could find love in an interracial relationship.

The overplayed 1983 song "Every Breath You Take" by the Police could be the soundtrack for this series.

*In the first chapter, Spencer smokes a Parliament. When that smoking scene is introduced in the previous installment, the coffin nail in question is a Marlboro. Readers will catch these things.
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