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5.0 étoiles sur 5 terrifiant..., 5 juillet 2004
Nellyes "{Traditionnal U2 fan}" (quelque part en Provence...) - Voir tous mes commentaires
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Writings (Broché)
The narrator of the story is the only witness and he talked about it as it happened in the past. He is different than the narrator of the Black Cat but the common point he has with him is that we know nothing about him. He literary comes from nowhere. An atmosphere is described instead of a oppressive atmosphere with a D alliteration, muffled sonorities and minor sounds. He gives his feelings about it before he describes the house (gloom, melancholy...). It is based on the effect upon him. p.54 ; the description of Lady Madeline is also given but he does not describe her but his feelings. It takes place in no particular place but might be taken place in Europe rather than in America (dungeon). It is closer to Gothic because of the location, the gloomy atmosphere, architecture...and Roderick Usher can be seen as a kind of vampire. p.51 ; "I have said" ; the house has its own atmosphere. p.58 ; "I well remember" ; flashback on the discussion with Roderick Usher. The house generates its own atmosphere. Decay of the house; decay of Roderick Usher (who thinks his fate is already determined) About the question of De Béranger; the idea of upper sensibility of Roderick Usher but also the symbiosis between the house and the people. The idea of the double ; the narrator can be seen as double, the fact that the Ushers are twins and the way they die reminds us of the double. The house is almost a full character of the story and therefore can be seen as a double of Usher. They seldom go out from it and are finally buried in it. As the Black Cat is locked in his mind, the Ushers are locked in their house. Roderick reads, plays the guitar, paints and also writes poems. He paints abstract like the tunnel, which reminds us of the one of the tomb. Poe is the figure of "le poet maudit" and Roderick can be his double. He writes a poem of a happy valley but at the end everybody dies (connected to the story).When the narrator reads from a book particularly a passage of reaping sound (wood), there is a supernatural effect. Magic power of making things happen. The sound heard in the story instead of describing the progress of Lady Madeline is indirectly described. The plot ; everything is done on purpose : Name of Usher. p.54 ; Roderick Usher anticipates his fear/terror. He is struggling with the ghost of Lady Madeline. Fate is really present, the story is determined. The narrator is helpless. For Poe everything is determined until the 'denouement'. p.60 ; the sister does not look dead "blush/smile" (but this foreshadowing the denouement, this is a hint) she is described as someone still alive. Then the narrator is contained by the Ushers (madness) and this can also foreshadowing the ending.
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