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le 29 janvier 2015
I was pleased to read this edition which unlike many e-books is unflawed by many digitizing mistakes. Adding to this was the possibility to click on names and titles to get more information about the real life popular heroes mentioned, or to listen to some of the music which the characters liked or disliked.
King manages to bridge the chasm that separates the generations born before the 60s and so much more troubled present times, although there is no war raging on any longer in Asia. This is an allegory of the generations that sang (or still sing) along the grating but hopeful Bob Dylan ballad "Forever Young" (...may your hearts always be joyful, may your songs always be sing, and may you stay forever young) or the later Alphaville question (...do you really want to live forever, forever and ever young?).
It is a story about those who liked to read speculative fiction of Simak, Asimov and Sheckley and read Lord of the Flies without fully grasping what the cryptic ending meant but did feel that there was more in it than a joke.
Hearts play along a double line of true love thwarted, but never destroyed, and destructive games ; Atlantis is the golden utopian continent of less troubled childhood that disappeared but remains a treasured although faded memory ; and the Breaker links this world with other ones where a Dark Tower stands. The characters are wonderfully described and we cannot help to wonder if they were real, when we read Peter's account of college life where grown kids let themselves be drawn into games not so unlike many of our young present day kids spend part or most of their lives in, without realizing the consequences.
Hearts in Atlantis is a powerful novel, one which bears reading and re-reading. This was my second visit, after buying and reading the hardcover back in 1999 shortly after the birth of my youngest son, and now as I sit graying like Carol, and have built a different life than the one I wished for when I was 18, I can admire how truthful this book is, down deep, and the art of the author who tells a web of tales that keep building on hidden and obvious links to span the worlds of his imagination, in which we are drawn, while bridging the gap between work and real life with messages to remind us that even in the depth of horror or in an unforgiving world, there remains a strand of hope and youth which will never disappear.
Hearts is a masterpiece to be read, and can only be sketchily described by any other means including movies.
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le 14 mars 2004
If you have read his book "On Writing" he has a small biography that parallels this book in nature. The story line and the details were intriguing. The only distraction from this was his constant potty mouth. He must have needed filler to flush (not flesh) out the book. I do not know if that is a recent phenomenon of they all are that way. The movies are not that way.
This is one story with a few rest spots that make some think it is a series of shorts. Do not attempt to read this out of order as each relies on knowledge of the former. The first phase, about the "Low Men", is the only real supernatural section. And as he points out it is the moral environment around the story that makes the supernatural scary. In this phase he also does a dissertation books including "The Lord of the Flies." There are real close corollaries to "The Day the Earth Stood Still" single mother, kid named Bobbie, and a mysterious border. The second phase Deals with a collage life environment, which is a background for molding character and characters. I do not want to tell too much detail, as that is why you read the book. The third phase is broken into two parts, one a story of Willie during and after Nam, then the whole set of previous characters surround by death and near death experiences.
The not so loose stories ingeniously ties together by a certain object that travels throughout the times to add as a catalyst and a conclusion.
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le 3 janvier 2010
Superbe nouvelle du maître Stephen King ! A lire absolument ! Humain, profond, passionnant, d'une belle écriture.
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le 19 mars 2004
Sorti depuis un petit moment maintenant et adapte a la television comme se doivent de l etre les classiques de SK, cet ouvrage conte la vie d une poignee d'enfants et d'adolescents des annees 1960 a 1999. Il nous demontre comment un conflit aussi devastateur que la guerre du Vietnam peut avoir des repercussions sur la vie de tous ceux qui l ont vecue, qu'ils aient ete soldats ou militants hippies, de leur petite enfance a l'aube du 21 siecle. Moins terrifiant que ses precedents livres, Hearts in Atlantis renvoie au lecteur les reflexions des personnages et force le lecteur a se mettre a la leur place, quel que soit leur age ou leurs idees sur ce conflit des annees 1970.
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