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le 15 mars 2003
In this book, aptly subtitled "a Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures," Anne Fadiman offers a sympathetic, patient and imaginative account of the efforts of a Hmong family and of a team of American health professionals to care for a child with epilepsy. It offers the satisfaction of a fine novel in its rich character portrayal and narrative development. The description and analysis of the thoughts and actions of the participants reflect the vision of a person of considerable insight and sensitivity who has taken years to approach her subjects and to understand them as a friend. The book is an extraordinary achievement and a pleasure to read.
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le 15 mars 2014
Well-written and intriguing the way the author weaves the family story with the recent history of the Hmong people and a description of their culture. I was very touched by the stubborn way they adher to their values and customs and especially by the depth and commitment of their love and. Ari g for each other. An important counter model to our own very individualistic society.
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