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le 16 février 2011
In the neighborhood of Marshfield Lake, seventh-grader Kaitlyn Sweeney has a monopoly on babysitting. Good thing, too, since she's saving up for a trip to Wonder World with her two best friends, Liesel and Maggie. They've been planning and saving for it since fifth grade, but Kaitlyn worries that Liesel may not save all the money she needs in time.

So when someone offers her twice her regular fee to take a last minute job, Kaitlyn feels guilty, but compelled to lie to the parents who had already booked her for that night, saying that she's sick and can't come.

This is the first step in the Babysitting Wars. A new girl, Nola, moves in on Kaitlyn's turf, and everybody loves her. Suddenly, super-competitive Kaitlyn is getting no jobs at all, and she's determined to prove herself the best babysitter around. But what happens when her competition gets in the way of her friendship with Liesel and Maggie?

A quick, fun read, I adored the easy flow of the author's style, and felt disappointed that there is no series based on Kaitlyn and her friends. They're a riot!
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