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4,4 sur 5 étoiles
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le 19 décembre 2012
Harold Fry receives a letter from a long lost friend, Queenie, who is dying in a hospice. Something has taken place in the past between Queenie and Harold and he believes he owes Queenie a debt, so he writes her a letter. On his way to post it, his journey to the nearest letterbox extends to the next, and the one after that, and the one after that. A chance meeting puts the idea into his head that if he walks from his home in Devon to the hospice where Queenie is at the other end of England, she will not die.

Stopping at a phone box to call the wife with whom he shares a bleak and lonely life to let her know what he is doing, off he sets. He is not just ill-equipped for such a journey; he is not equipped at all. His shoes will fall to pieces and his stamina will falter, but Harold will not give up. He must walk all the way to Queenie if she is to survive.

As Harold tramps doggedly on the reader is given a look into his domestic life which is haunted by the son who never comes to visit his parents.

In his unsuitable attire and state of decrepitude, Harold is a laughing stock to many people, but as his journey progresses he begins to attract media attention and becomes a cult figure. An assortment of uninvited misfits and crackpots join him on his pilgrimage.

I loved this book on many levels. Harold himself, gentle, humble, dignified, determined. Having walked a similar distance myself, solo, and been mocked, cared for and joined by an unwelcome follower, I could relate to him there. I shared his loneliness, his hardships, his small triumphs and his joys. His route happened to pass within half a mile of where I once lived, so I felt a connection with Harold there too.

Harold's unlikely pilgrimage is a heart-warming tale of faith, regret and hope, with some laugh-out-loud moments.

One of my favourite reads of 2012.
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le 28 août 2013
J'ai découvert totalement par hasard ce titre :"L'improbable pélérinage d'Harold Fry" ('The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry" en vo) et je me suis régalée.
C'est une histoire qui fait à la fois sourire, rire, mais sait aussi nous émouvoir. Par analogie, je dirais que ça se passe comme dans un road-movie. Au fur-et-à mesure que le chemin se poursuit, l'auteur nous plonge dans les pensées d'Harold (ce qui peut aussi nous amener à réfléchir au sens que nous donnons à notre propre vie et aux choix qui ont été les nôtres) nous restituant un portrait touchant du personnage mais nous fait aussi participer aux nombreuses rencontres qui jalonnent son parcours.
La version originale est plutôt bien écrite, je ne sais ce qu'il en est de la traduction...
Enfin, pour moi, une belle histoire à découvrir.
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le 25 mai 2013
I have read some journeys before, but this left me breathless.so utterly believable, ordinary lives, filled with emotional baggage, and a journey of redemption for all.
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le 16 novembre 2014
This pilgrimage in England, although dangerous at the age of Harold (627 miles of walking!) was absolutely essential for him to forget about the past and make a fresh start. It enabled him to think over his life, the things he hasn't done and that he regrets now. To realize the huge gap between himself, his wife and their son. During his journey, he meets several people with whom he shares memories, good and bad ones. People can be kind and helpful when you learn to know them. We discover true nature of people, the ones who need adventures, support or just a bit of fame.
I highly recommend this book which I've heard about many times and was intrigued about. A pilgrimage is hard first because unusual but once you get used to it, you realize you just need basics, as not to say nothing to survive. I liked the way the story is told, little by little, from Maureen (his wife) and Harold's points of view. We really should all meet Harold or have our own small path to be closer to nature and listen to our deep feelings.
Finally, this book is about forgetting the past, memories that hurt to move on and fully live the present moments. This is an hymn to couples who need each other to handle life and death and be stronger together.
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le 4 juillet 2013
Très bon livre, avec une histoire qui devient de plus en plus poignante au fil des pages. Le personnage de Harold Fry est très attachant. J'ai même failli verser une petite larme à la fin.
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le 8 mai 2014
Too long, repetitious : Harold is going in circles and we are wondering where the author is going, too...
I followed the critics, but wish I hadn't been misled. This book lacks the charm of, say, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and the characters are not credible.
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le 23 avril 2013
This is a beautifully written little adventure about someone who could not be more 'ordinary'. The story is revealed slowly and it is not until the end that the whole story is revealed. It is a story of growth and self-discovery.
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le 29 mars 2014
On accompagne Harold Fry dans son cheminement à travers l’Angleterre, comme si l'on marchait avec lui sans qu'il ne nous voie. Il remet tout en question, a de nombreux doutes et regrets. Mais globalement c'est sa foi (non-religieuse) qui le fait avancer : il croit en quelque chose. Et tout le monde peut s'y identifier, car on croit tous en quelque chose à un moment ou à un autre. Au fur et à mesure qu'il marche, il se remémore des souvenirs enfouis. Son voyage est aussi une forme de rédemption, mais surtout c'était un homme perdu qui avait besoin de retrouver son chemin. Une histoire joliment tournée et très émouvante.
Un des livres les plus poignants que j'ai lu dernièrement !
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le 15 janvier 2015
Un très beau roman sur la découverte de soi et des autres, émouvant aussi sans tomber dans l'excès et comme dans tout "road movie" qui se respecte des rencontres inattendues et souvent touchantes. Par moment en le lisant j'ai pensé au film "Forrest Gump" quand le héros part courir à travers les Etats-Unis. L'auteure évoque la campagne anglaise (car, dans son itinéraire, Harold évite les grandes axes) avec beaucoup de sensibilité.
Les thèmes ne sont pas nouveaux mais l'auteure réussit à trouver une voix originale pour parler des relations entre mari et femme, entre parents et enfants et de ce qu'il y a tout au fond de chacun de nous -- notre âme.
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le 7 décembre 2013
I picked this up in my local bookshop. About a third of the way through i put it down again. The long walk is very long and you wonder where it is going, even though you know the destination. A place that has to be believed in to be able to get there.
My wife, who by pure chance was also reading the same book in French, persuaded me to persevere with it. So taking her advice i got back into the book. What an emotional journey through love and life and their peripheries.
I thoroughly recommend this book. Stick with it and you will be rewarded, which i think is the message of the story too.
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