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le 10 janvier 2005
I have to admit that before using this book I used learning perl. However everything that I learned in the first book was in the first chapter of this book. I'm very impressed with the layout of this book. Beverage time I turned a new page I found something else I had to try. One paragraph in chapter six prime outlines the whole reason for really wanting to use pearl.
"Perl doesn't just glue together other computer languages. It also glues together command line interpreters, operating systems, processes, machines, devices, networks, databases, institutions, cultures, web pages, GUIs, peers, servers, and clients, not to mention people like system administrators, users, and of course, hackers, both not be in nice. In fact pearl is rather competitive about cooperative."
This book is well designed to get you off the Ground and hit the deck running. I doubt that I can give it enough stars.
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le 20 juillet 2001
I really enjoyed this book. I have a limited knowledge of Perl, yet Larry Wall has a way of describing the language that is informative and instructional without trying to be cute or overly simplistic. I found that everything in this book was useful and very informative. This book explains how to use and program such things as loop statements, passing references in subroutines, as well as a section on common practices showing common goofs of novices as well as other beneficial information to make your scripts better.
If you are looking for a book that will give you more of the meat and potatoes of Perl, instead of leading you by the hand, this book is what you want.
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