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le 19 décembre 2005
Today many of Sun Tzu quotas are floating around mixed with Shakespeare and the Bible. And as with many of the quote they are out of context and misleading. The quoter usually thinks repeating the word is some sort of magic.
Most versions of this work spend more time trying to identify and qualify Sun Tzu's writings than just quoting them. I will not go through all the arguments as to who "wrote what when" or "translated what when" as you can read this for yourself.
Another distraction is the attempt to show how the book was applied or not applied in recent wars. This may be interesting to someone whose intention is to apply the theories of Sun Tzu; however it is not his writing but someone else's interpretation of its application.
Now let's finally get to Sun Tzu. It is easy with hindsight and a closer look at the future to dismiss Sun Tzu as his practical tactical knowledge is of a time and place long gone. He spends a lot of time on the use of weapons and information gathering techniques of the time. This can be interesting in a historical context; other wise it is quite amusing.
Oh yes those grains of truth I mentioned, well they may sound like clichés but they are still viable. "Know your enemy and know yourself". Others are just practical sense and statistical outcomes that you learn in any military training. I could go through the list, but again that is why you buy the book.
Now just as you decide that the book is outdated for any practical purposes today we have artillery and now stealth and precision, the reminder that "no two wars are alike" and "it is flexibility that makes a difference" is being shown today to still be true. Even in today's wars there is a need for good intelligence and deception. We put a lot of time and energy into Psy-Ops. Sun Tzu shows the advantage in specialized units and crack troops.
I have spent several years in the military and in business and can say this book is a nice addition to history, otherwise of very little value to today's world for war or business.
The most abuse of this book is trying to use it for projects as project management is a science that that was in its infancy at the time this book was written.
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le 17 février 2015
I liked it, but it seems that it is a bit updated now. However, when you think of the time it has been thought by the author and how he implemented it, it is great knowledge !

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" Sun Tzu.
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le 16 février 2015
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le 27 novembre 2012
The book is a pocket version of the famous title and it is in good condition although some usage marks are clearly visible. Still a very useful resource to read over and over. Thanks.
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le 30 avril 2013
It is a great set of war rules indeed. But let's be honest, you won't get lots of business ideas in it. If World War 3 gets closer though...
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le 25 juin 2011
I received this book in a very timely manner, exactly as described. I recommend this seller. And I love the book!
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