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Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
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le 18 décembre 2011
This practical book teaches you how to connect with the wisdom of your Higher Self - with the Light and bring it into your daily life - by living it and expressing it. The process brings you into a state of Oneness and you being to live your life from this awareness, divinely guided and expressing the will of God / the will of your Higher Self - rather than the will of your human ego. You merge with divine, like a drop of water merges with an ocean and are then able to express infinite love, power and wisdom of your Divine Self. When you do live from this state of consciousness, you become centered. Non-attachment, which is also dealt with in this book - becomes in a way a natural side-effect of the entire process - because the only thing you desire, the only little prayer that you have is "Thy will be done". When you live your daily life fully aware of, and feeling and expressing the presence of your Greater Self, you don't need to hope or believe that it is there - you KNOW it, and you TRUST it wholeheartedly - you know that it is your best friend and that it has your best interests at heart - so you let it express through you freely - and you know that it doesn't matter what may come or go out of your life - whatever you may ever need will be always supplied to meet all of your needs. In this way, your begin living an effortless life. You neither have any need or desire to manipulate others, nor are they able to manipulate you any more - because you are now true only to your Greater Self (to God) and all that you desire to do - wholeheartedly - is let Its will express through you and your life, because through your own experience, the moment you surrender to Its guidance, you very fast learn that that's the better way, and the easier way to live one's life. Why struggle through life like an individual drop of water, when you can have an entire ocean take care of you. And how could you possibly not love it more than anything else in the world, when it is always there for you to do everything for you, to fill all of your needs. In the process you become so deeply and madly in love in God (your Greater Self) - not because some book suggested that you should do so, but because you have realized that it truly is your closest and your best friend - that it is Your Very Own Magnificent Self.
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