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le 27 juin 2014
Please know that I do not claim to have all the answers and do not dub myself a spiritual expert. I am only sharing books that I am looking into as part of my spiritual journey. Multidimensional Man: An Authentic Eyewitness Account of the World that Awaits Us After Death by Jurgen Ziewe contains some exciting information from many of the spiritual travels that his soul undertook such as:

Pages 129-135: his journeys to the “third dimension” helped him see that the power of creative thought is more powerful on certain planes. From his perspective, an attitude of generosity and positivity will help a soul become a vibrational match for this plan. Additionally, the amount of leisure and happiness available from what he saw inspired him to describe it as a place that souls are “living the dream” and especially blissful for those who dream of living a life in luxury.

Birds of Paradise (pages 173-176): During one of his journeys he noticed a colorful garden and a parrot that had a wingspan of at least four feet. He stretched out his hand to bid farewell to one of the birds and before he woke up he noticed a gift of a dark square object attached to his arm. I remember hearing a song called Birds of Paradise by Sally Oldfield from the cd collection Mystic Spirits: Chants of Paradise and even reviewed it back in November 2011. I wonder if this song is inspired by spiritual stories pertaining to the Birds of Paradise stories (hence the realm that Ziewe found himself on).

Pages 202-203: There are countless numbers of heavens that spring from the thought forms of various people that pass over (I interpreted this to be over a billion heavens, however I’m aware that it could also be something different from what my human mind is conceiving of).

He also includes a heartfelt meeting with his mother in one of the paradise realms and includes a reference in the back of his recommended books. His online website also includes some fascinating information and drawings. His colorful illustrations remind me of the drawings from the Tomorrowland 2012 and Tomorrowland 2013 electronic/trance music dance series. However, I acknowledge that both this author and the artists of the music series probably drew their inspiration in different positive/happy ways. Either way, I also enjoy his website and plan to come back to it to see more drawings and the information he gathers and shares. I understand that he only means well, but my only caveat is that he implies that reduces the cause of depression to a single cause by implying that depression is solely caused by refusing to accept reality. I agree that one must accept reality towards creating a happier life. However, I respectfully disagree that depression is caused by just that one reason and the causes of depression in a person are as varied as the men or women suffering from them. Additionally, depression is often inherited and for this reason alone this I would dare to say that individuals with various forms of depression are as worth of entering the heavenly realms as those who are frequently happy (if an afterlife exists these spirits would just probably end up in different “heavens”.) Additionally, I have been lucky in getting to see for myself what a heavenly realm looks like through one of my dreams and intuitively know that one can still be trying to work on their happiness and yet still enter one of the blissful realms. Aside from that caveat, Multidimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe is an original and interesting book.
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