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4,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 20 février 2009
Oh I liked this one! Witty, sexy, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the kind of read that pulls you in and takes you along. This book actually has 2 stories in it - something that would have put me off had I known in advance as I like my stories long and detailed. The second one is a bit brief but as it's kind of a background filler-in on the first one it can be quite forgiven for the lack of fullness. The first story has all the detail one could wish for.

It's hard to buy books online when there are no story blurbs. I found this one on another website and the reviews there were all very good.
A brief rundown: our heroine, the fierce warrior Annwyl the Bloody, is left for dead in a clearing outside of the city where her villain brother rules. She collapses outside a huge cave, is saved and nursed back to health by the inhabitant who is able to shift to human at will. There follows a witty romp with the girl training and falling in lust with the man, also a warrior, by day and conversing and falling in love with the dragon (at least his temperament) by night - completely unaware they are one and the same, at first.....

A last word; if you enjoy shapeshifting and parallel worlds, try the Tairen Soul books by C L Wilson. Not humorous like this book, but very absorbing, riveting stuff.
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le 11 juillet 2014
Une intrigue fournie et une approche originale des dragons. Un très bon premier tome qui donne envie de lire la suite.
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