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le 12 janvier 2013
I have reviewed a few ice cream books but I have the idea that this one is the best of all! Still I am also happy with the other books I reviewed as each, even the two very simple ones come with some very good recipes! What I do now that I have both, The Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas and Sweet Accompaniments and Ices: The Definitive Guide is that I compare the recipes they both have in common and choose the one that appeals most to me. And recipes I find appealing use less sugar something I think that David Lebovitz takes good care of! I have no interest in eating an ice cream with almost more sugar than fruit and which only makes me very thirsty! I have just finished reading this book and marking the recipes I want to make (which is most of them!) but so far I have tried the Cranberry-Orange Sorbet which is very tasty but due to the fact that cranberries are very difficult to find where I live I might not make it very often. Also, although it has a truly beautiful color and a very good taste no one would guess that it is made with cranberries. I added Grand Marnier, as David suggests and which makes the sorbet more scoopable and served it in the Lemon-Poppy Seed Cookie Cups (only I changed the lemon for orange as the first time I made it I found the lemony flavour a bit strong. I got the recipe totally wrong the first time so I ended up breaking it into pieces and eating them. The second time it all looked a lot better but this is a recipe with a lot of fat. Next time I might make a recipe I made once which is quite similar but doesn't include the almonds or the poppy seeds as I think that it was less fat. I served marinated strawberries into the cups which were quite delicious!

I have to confess that I have no idea exactly what granitas are, except that they are kind of softer sorbets. I don't know whether one drinks them, eats them with a spoon or why one wouldn't just eat a sorbet instead. David says that one can serve them with a scoop of ice cream or sorbet on the top or serve the granita on the top of them. One can also serve them in a glass with a bit of some strong drink or wine but I have no idea how that works. I wish I could try it made by someone who knows what they are doing.....

Anyway, this is a book full of great ideas and written by a person who is very obviously in love with ice cream. He also has a great sense of humour and it is a joy to read all the short texts that come with the recipes! I think that although I live in France I will be able to find most of the ingredients! The photos are quite appealing as well! I wish David had thought of repeating all the combinations in all the recipes as some of them are only mentioned with the sauces for example so I am writing them down in each recipe otherwise I maybe won't think of trying all the options (easier to do it when you have the book online though and can copy and paste!).
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le 31 juillet 2012
I recently bought a sorbetier, as well as a number of ice cream/sorbet/gelato recipe books. This is the best--the chocolate ice cream is absolutely to die for...better than any commercial brand I've ever had. The recipes are clear and easy to follow, providing good basic recipes that can be modified at will. Each recipe is preceded by the author's thoughts and comments, well written and relevant. The book is also visually attractive. The first reviewer notes that, unfortunately, it is in English--but one learns quickly to read recipes in another language. Great book!
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le 6 mars 2013
I'm writing this in English on the French site, as the items I bought were in English, so I reckon that anyone else thinking of buying them will understand English. This is really a comment on the customer service provided by my favourite online shop. Shortly after ordering this book, I discovered that the same title on Amazon.co.uk was a British English version, as opposed to American English. Being British myself, I find it easier to follow British recipes for the measures and certain ingredients. So, I've just contacted Amazon.fr to tell them I wish to return this edition. I was fully expecting to have to pay postage, as the error was all mine. Not only do I not have to pay postage, but they've told me not to bother returning the book. They'll just refund me.
I've only flicked through the book in case Amazon changes its mind, but the recipes sound wonderful.
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Fini la sempiternelle crème glacée à la vanille qui rempli généralement ce type d'ouvrage !

Non ici, vous avez des réalisations surprenantes et vraiment sympa à déguster comme : la crème glacée Orange / Poivre du Sechuan ou la Dried apricot / pistachio Ice cream en passant par la Toasted Coconut !

Un pur délice... été comme hiver
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le 1 mars 2010
Indispensable si on possède une sorbetière. Enfin un livre qui propose des vrais recettes de glaces et sorbets très originales totalement faites maison. Seule bémol, il faut maitriser un minimum l'anglais, ou se faire aider par un traducteur pour les mots basics.
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le 25 mai 2013
Very complete with many suggestions. Easy to understand and to apply. For non American cooks: note that measures (cups) and some ingredients are typically american.
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