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3.0 étoiles sur 5 Some very good ideas to help golfers improve - but too repetitive, and not always practical, 4 janvier 2014
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If all the repetition was removed this book would be about 40% of it's published size, and more interesting/useful to read. In saying that, the ideas are very good, overall. I had arrived at many of them independently myself (having coached my son from age 4 to 13, and to his current handicap of 6), and they do work. Many are just not practical though - the expectation seems to be that you have your own golf course to practice on, and that you can practice however you want. I don't know of any courses where you could do many of these things - other people tend to get in the way, and for sure many courses would kick you out (e.g. playing off the grass rather than the mats courses insist on). But I do agree with the authors - mats are VERY unrealistic practice. Another big problem is matching this book's concepts with golf instructors. We read this book on the recommendation of a pro from my son's club. But my son's pro instructors absolutely do NOT follow what is in this book! They should. But they don't. So, it's a good book, full of good ideas. It's more for adults though - and it rightly focuses on the mental side. I do recommend it if you are serious about improving your golf. But the repetition is a real drag - it needs editing.
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