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le 21 juin 2013
It really is good to get out of clichés and have a book about nutritional issues which actually condiders the whole picture. I would recommend it to any vegetarian or meat eater.
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le 13 avril 2013
One of the best books ever written. Lierre Keith has written an epos on food and environment that will make your spine shiver.
Yes we are on the road to hell but not hte way you thought. It is agriculture that is bringing is there, deleting the topsoil, annihilating water resources and totally driven by .. petrol. You never hear about it but we are already dead on paper . When Oil runs out so will agriculture. The crops of grains thrive on pesticides and fertilizer derived from the oil industry. It is not that we will run out of cars but out of food and the calculations that puts Mrs Keith forward make it beyond doubt that there are 7 billion to many of us.

It would have gotten 5 stars if it had not one major flaw. Lierre Keith if you read this please get some education about big business and who runs it. Mrs Keith bashes continually the white european male throughout this book, being the scource with his machism. While in reality the white male of european descent is on the verge of extinction and he, our forefathers, had nothing to do with the exploitation of people, slavery and resources. This has been all in the hands of elite and big banking.

Lierre Keith wishes us to go back to nature nut she wants a homosexual life for herself, she wants a society of diversity of race, she is pro abortion, she wants women to be independent from evil men, alle very natural off course. O yeah and she also believes in Aids (biggest medical hoax of the century). In fact this book is an conondrum. It was one of my biggest eyeopeners of the last years while at the same the auhtor is so stuck in political correctness and promoting her judeo marxist ideas on society that I hope she will continu to evolve and see the ligth.
Hope she will understand one day that the protectors of nature, those who invented pasturalism and still do it, those who invented everything are those same evil white men she bashes throughout the book.
By no other race women are so respected and nature so worshipped as by people of european descent.
Hopefully she sees that the real danger is the invasion of our homelands by non sustainaible billions of races insensitive to nature and womenhood. While she wiill have to count on those last evil white men to save the planet.
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