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4,0 sur 5 étoiles
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le 24 mars 2014
Although I have extensive experience with JavaScript, I have not been coding web applications for the last few years. I selected this book as a way to get back into coding one-page web applications. I found that the book as perfectly adapted for my needs, it provides an deep understanding of the framework without resorting to becoming an API catalog and without resorting to endless pages of repetitive example code.

The book has about 350 pages with a focus on providing an understanding of how the framework is meant to be used. That means that you can read the entire book quickly, even if you are busy. The examples are short and clearly illustrate the concepts in question. The book has three parts, an introductory part to get you started (installation etc.), a large middle part that describes how to use the various components in the framework and a final part that deals with a more holistic view of building web applications. Thus we have a lot of information packed into relatively few pages. For me, the perfect way to get up and running fast with a new technology.

I also appreciated the authors informal style of writing (making the book easier to read). The examples are often based on well understood problems (e.g. Departments/Employees etc.) Using well understood problems makes learning easier. From my point of view as desktop application developer, this book makes perfect sense and it more than fills the role of providing me an easy way to return to coding web applications.

This book is for software developers who want to implement one-page (AJAX) style web applications. The Ext.Js framework is perfectly suited for developing web-based CRUD application and other complex data-driven applications that mimic functionality that you might expect in a desktop application.
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