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le 21 juin 2011
"Creating Money: Attracting Abundance" by Sanaya Roman&Duane Packer is a very good guide on connecting with the vast resources of prosperity available in the universe. This book is also great because it is helpful to many people from various backgrounds and all walks of life. What I enjoy about "Creating Money" is that there are many facets and dimensions of abundance and prosperity covered. What I mean by this is that this book also contains ideas on increasing one's ability to listen to inner guidance and develop unlimited thinking. The following is a sampling of what is covered in this phenomenal title:

Following Your Inner Guidance(Chapter 5): This chapter covers information on the several kinds of inner guidance. There is also details available on ways to stimulate an intuition increase. The statements on the benefits of taking quiet time to reflect were very persuasive.

Miracles (Chapter 11): I found it wonderful to see that the chapter begins with the how and why miracles are created from love. Creative information is available in this section regarding tips to increase the miracles in all areas of one's life.

Believing In Yourself (Chapter 15): There is insightful details included as to why someone may encounter objections from those around them as they choose the path that is actually the closest to their joy. The detail that was very informative to me from this chapter is that having someone opposing you can be a blessing in disguise. I love that the authors emphasized that it is essential to avoid letting other people's images of what they see you doing influence your own personal dreams/ambitions. In addition, the authors also emphasize that in order to joyfully change your life, the belief that something better exists must be present.

There are many uplifting and inspiring affirmations available in "Creating Money". My two favorite affirmations from this book are: 1) All my experiences are opportunities to gain more power, clarity, and vision (pg. 110). 2) I serve others to the best of my ability in all I say and do (pg. 233).
Creating Money: Attracting Abundance by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer is written in the same type of loving and creative energy of the "Living with Joy" book. This guide is a healing and unique to get if you are looking for something that contains a combination of ways to increase joy and a higher receptivity to good luck.
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le 18 décembre 2011
This book guides you through all the steps for developing prosperity consciousness. You will learn the metaphysical principles behind creation of money. It doesn't matter what do you do to for a living to create money - if you desire to enjoy prosperous life, this book will teach you how to get into the right state of mind. The main ideas are provided in a form of affirmations which you can both repeat to yourself silently throughout the day until they become deeply impress upon your subconscious mind - and practice using them in your daily life.
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le 18 décembre 2015
I am going through a especially difficult in my life and reading keep me inspired not to give up my fight for justice and that is how I came to read this book after reading another of Sanaya Roman's books previously, which I actually found better than this one, although on a different subject. I found this book contains a lot of repetitions but I find the critics that this book is aimed at people owning business quite not fair. I was half way the book when I found the first references to owning your own business, so this book is really aiming at everybody. There also a lot of good affirmations. There are also exercises you can fill in which make you think about what you really want. I have to say that I had a bit of difficult getting my head around manifesting the essence of what one wants to attract. There are a number of stories which illustrate what the authors want to convey and they are really interesting to read. They also urge you to start living your life today, not wait for when you get what you want and I have put that into practice. One of my wishes is to touch people's souls and to make a difference in their lives. At this time I have no money to spare but I try to give a little something if someone in the street is singing or playing a particularly nice song and with that I don't mean just money but also a smile and an encouraging word, especially now that it is almost Christmas but something else happened a few days ago, which really showed me that you don't need to have much yourself to make a difference in someone else's life: The choir I sing with sang in Newport (outside of Cardiff), a little while ago to aid a charity. The charity was there selling raffles and although I am not at all into all these modern, institutionalized charities I did buy two tickets and they took my telephone number so that they could call me in case I won a prize, as we couldn't wait around all day. A few days later, out of the blue they phoned me and yes, I had won a haircut in a hairdresser in Newport, which is too far away for me to go to but then I had this idea… why wouldn't I give it to a lady who can't afford to have her hair nicely cut in time for Christmas? That might put a smile on to someone's face….. So I called the hairdresser and suggested they find someone, which they promised to do. That goes to show that if your mindset changes, even if you don't have much to give you will always find a way to make someone else happy!

Another thing this book and others stress out is the need to follow your passions. Don't just do a job, work at whatever you are passionate about, even if right now it seems that you will never make a living doing it because you eventually will and will be a lot happier in the process, not to talk better at what you do. Another thought provoking bit of text is: enjoy overcoming the obstacles because moving through them add to your sense of accomplishment when you get what you want! Maybe life many times puts us on the spot to make sure that we deserve what we are about to get and maybe it even gives us much more than we asked because we stuck to our goals, no matter how difficult the journey was? I try to think about that every time I feel that I don't have what it takes to get through the very difficult journey I have been going through. So all in all this is a book worth reading and it is surely not only about money but about becoming a better person, I just wish that it was better written!
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le 15 juin 2016
Should be read more than once.
Very well written and explain all you have to know, it's not only about money. It's about who were are.
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