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le 24 août 2010
Having read a few health books I have to say that this one brought everything together! For the people who get confused as to what is the best diet after all I would suggest: read enough and little by little you will start to understand where the truth lies! After having eaten what I thought was healthy for the most part of 53 years (I never drink sugary drinks, full of chemicals from a bottle, never ate much fat, cook everything from scratch, eat enough fruit and vegetables, regularly eat fish) and although I don't really have life threatening illnesses I was never really healthy: I suffer from allergies, am myopic, my retina is detaching, have a bad digestion, skin problems, thin hair, used to suffer from bad migraines..... I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Barry Groves has a very agreeable writing style which is neither boring nor overly technical but he still manages to give you a lot of information. And I didn't find any mention of conspiracy, on the contrary, I think that the author only tells things as they are. Ok, some facts are not pretty but life is not pretty on the planet we live in! I have a few questions though and one is why, if his wife Monica has lived in a low carb, high fat diet for most of her life, was she overweight many years ago? He says that butter doesn't need to be refrigerated but I don't agree with that, if you don't refrigerate it in the summer (at least the butter I buy and they say it is real butter) it goes rancid and gets too soft. The relation between fat intake and breast cancer I must say I didn't understand (read it a few times...). The research team seemed to say that they found no evidence of a positive association between fats and breast cancer but the author then says that if you take the good fats you have less chance of breast cancer. The author advises full fat dairy products while a lot of experts nowadays say that it is better to stay away from dairy products... difficult to know what to do and although I don't drink milk I do eat cheese and cream so I will go on doing that. My husband eats cereal with skimmed milk every day so he is reading the book now. As far as our requirement of vitamin C being very low I don't know, I haven't read Linus Pauling books yet but I intend to because he seems to advise a lot of vitamin C. As far as fluoridated tap water goes I don't know whether he is talking in general terms because I believe that in the European Union that hasn't been the case for many years, in any country. Still, although Barry Groves in British, this book can very well be read by people from all over the world. Much of the information applies to all countries. As far as the ApoE4 Allele, the gene of Alzheimer's goes I didn't understand a thing but I think that it comes because I had never heard about this gene. Cooked cheese, no idea what that is.... As far as a free market always striving to give us the best quality at the lowest price I don't agree, at least not the free market examples I know, it is mostly the lowest quality at the lowest price at best or even low quality at a high price.

Questions aside (which maybe come from the fact that I am not at all an expert but someone who tries to understand what is the best way to keep healthy...), I learnt a lot by reading this book. His description of many illnesses and the way to treat them can save your life or at least, hopefully, help you live a healthier, more enjoyable life! Next I think that I am going to read his other book: Natural Health and Weight Loss as it seems to give all the details you need to start the diet!
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le 6 janvier 2016
Excellent livre, malgré le fait que certaines conclusions soient tirées d'un nombre très restreint d'études et qu'elles doivent être relativisées en conséquence... L'ensemble reste convaincant !
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