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le 24 mai 2009
Healing Properties and
Crystal Therapy

SPIRIT of GEMSTONES 2009 edition
The 1st edition was published in France in 2002. The French 2008 edition (the most complete work in this field) is now followed by the present English edition. It speaks about the healing qualities of crystals and gives valuable information about more than 400 stones.
- It is a full color book (320 pages) with almost 600 photographs and illustrations.
- Its new structure is clearer to follow and more accurate.
Spirit of Gemstones remains the most comprehensive book in its field. It is a useful tool and a reference book in its domain with the best quality-price ratio.

The healing properties of minerals have been used since time immemorial. Its evidence can be found in works dating back to 5th century B.C. Egyptians used them, and even earlier, Atlantis people were known practitioners using the "power" of stones.

Some stones have a calming effect while others stimulate, fortify or protect. It is believed that one can benefit from the effects of a stone by simply wearing it.

The active principles of Crystal Therapy
- Chromotherapy, which is a therapy that uses colours.
Example: Red is a stimulant and fortifier.
- Oligotherapy is a way of treating oneself by using trace elements and minerals that homeopathy uses in an infinitesimal quantity. Example: Olivine= Iron and Magnesium silicate.
- An energy-related criteria, which is more or less random depending on the user must also be taken into consideration

This new science called "LITHOTHERAPY" was born after combining all these therapies and taking into account the "energy of stones".
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le 23 avril 2015
Très gentil pour le vendeur de lui fournir une copie du nouveau livre avec l'option de livraison internationale pour le Brésil, je suis très heureux avec l'achat, le livre est merveilleux, exactement ce que je voulais, ce était une bénédiction d'avoir cette opportunité, parce qu'il ya cette livre au Brésil ou aux États-Unis Amazon, une occasion rare pour un Brésilien qui ne sait pas le français ont une traduction en anglais de ce travail.
Muita gentileza do vendedor em disponibilizar uma cópia do livro nova com opção de entrega internacional para o Brasil, estou muito feliz com a compra, o livro é maravilhoso, exatamente o que eu queria, foi uma benção ter esta oportunidade, pois não se encontra este livro no Brasil, nem na Amazon americana, uma rara oportunidade para uma brasileira que não sabe francês ter uma tradução em inglês desta obra.
The seller was very kind for placing available a brand-new copy of this book with international delivery option for Brazil, I am very glad about this purchase, the book is wonderful, exactly what I was searching for, it is really a blessing to have this opportunity, since it is not possible to find this book in Brazil or in the US Amazon, so that is a rare opportunity for a Brazilian who do not speak French to have an English translation of this work.
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