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le 20 septembre 2011
New York is one of the most impressive cities in the world. Much of its visual appeal derives from the stunning and breathtaking architecture. Block after block of incredible skyscrapers make New York a really fascinating place to see or visit. However, this urban jungle cans start feeling stifling after a while and one starts to long for the greener vistas. Since the New York real estate is at a premium (to say the least), there aren't that many green areas where one can indulge cravings for nature. Many beautiful parks certainly help, and Central Park is especially wonderful in that regard. The ultimate symbols of luxurious naturalism, however, are the myriad rooftop gardens. By their very nature there can only be one such garden at the top of the each magnificent building, and only the wealthiest can afford the privilege of owning one. These gardens are scarce jewels that resemble oases of tranquility in the midst of the bustling and hectic concrete desert.

This beautiful coffee-table book provides us with rare glimpses of these stunning gardens. The book contains large format photographs of 25 different gardens from all parts of New York downtown. Since most of these gardens are not open to the public, this book is closest that anyone could potentially gain access to these gems. Fortunately, the photographs truly do justice to these gardens. The photographs pay attention to all the elements that make each one of the gardens unique. They also present many of the surrounding landmarks, especially since many of these sights endow the gardens with amazing views.

Each one of the gardens is introduced with a paragraph or two of text that provides the context and a bit of the history for that particular garden. The texts are given in five different languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

The book is fairly large and it cannot be easily browsed while held. It is indeed a true coffee-table book, and its large and opulent design make you want to showcase it in front of your guests.
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le 2 juillet 2011
Pour tous les amoureux de Big Apple, ce livre donne le vertige et fait rêver à 360° ! Quelques photos intimistes dans la verdure et surtout des prises de vue grand angle de jour et de nuit à couper le souffle... qui vous laissent imaginer passer la soirée sur l'une de ses terrasses suspendues ! Absolument incroyable ! Du rêve en photo ! Très beau livre dans un format GEANT parfaitement approprié...
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le 29 novembre 2011
Beau livre, très belles photos qui nous invitent à découvrir ces lieux privés insoupçonnés aux sommets des buildings de Manhattan.
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