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5.0 étoiles sur 5 One Ring to Rule Them All ... and in the Darkness Bind Them?, 4 juillet 2011
We see the history of Middle Earth and how evil almost triumphed and at the moment of triumph, the evil one is cut short. Some things that are best remembered are forgotten in time. The story, which is adjusted for a different media than the book must in, was being different in form and timing. However, the essence of the book is captured in this story of the fait of Middle earth and man is placed in the hands of a mild rather small creature called a hobbit. Galadriel," For the time would soon come when hobbits would shape the fortunes of all."

Defiantly need to see the extended version as even then many things were left out as Tom Bomadil. The story goes much smoother than trying to make sense form the theatrical version to someone who has not read the book.

I will not go through the story as the thrill of discovery is worth the viewing however, they could not have picked better actors for each character. Especially Christopher Lee. He adds richness to the character of Saruman. Gandalf reminds Frodo to spare Gollum as Bilbo did. At other times as in Bible stories, evil intentions can bring about good situations.

There is a great attention to detail; many times, they go out of the way to match description of the book. At other times the add what is needed to show the tale.

The movie is fun to watch and interesting. What you may not see so readily is that the formula is that described by Joseph Campbell of the coming of age of a hero that does not realize he is until he must be proven.

The special features of the extended edition help understand what they tried to accomplish yet it does not really add or subtract from the tale.

The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition)
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