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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Simple and fun way of co-creating with divine, 18 décembre 2011
This book presents one of the simple and fun ways for co-creating with the divine. To this effect, the author uses the metaphors of heavenly yellow pages, heavenly temporary agencies and heavenly staff meetings and just like you would hire an assistant to help you with your project from a temporary agency or find help you need through yellow pages, the author suggests to use the similar method to get divine help.

The books is designed to inspire you and encourage you to keep in touch with divine throughout each day and to call upon divine no matter how small or mundane the tasks you need to accomplish may be. You can engage divine assistance to ensure that your everyday life is happy, healthy and fulfilling, add a divine touch to your shopping, childcare, business meeting, project preparation or fulfillment, travel, vacation, social gathering or whatever activities may be part of your day.

As you begin to live and work with divine assistance, you begin to experience all sorts of miracles in your daily life, projects get done faster, everything goes smoother and problems get miraculously solved. Your live becomes harmonious, you begin to flow with life; living becomes effortless and whatever you need to accomplish becomes more like playing.

This is one of those lovely little books you may want to buy for all of your friends and loved ones.

There are few suggestions that the author made with which I do not quite agree. One is that it doesn't matter how you word your request because the heaven has your best interests at heart. I agree that heaven has your best interests at heart, and that as a matter of fact "heaven" loves you so much that it says "yes" to whatever you ask for, cherish in your heart, keep on repeating as a statement (intentionally or unintentionally), whatever fits your beliefs and expectations. We are all experiencing the effects of our cherished thoughts, words and beliefs in our daily lives. On a more drastic note, there was a man whose daughter was very ill and who used to repeat that he'd give his right arm for the health of his daughter. He ended up having a car accident, lost his arm and at the same time his daughter miraculously recovered. I've had my share of situations that prompted me to pay better attention to the thoughts that go through my mind and to the words that come out of my mouth. As your power to manifest unfolds and you begin to have more and more experiences where one moment you think of something and the next moment it happens you realize the necessity of becoming vigilant over your thoughts and to contemplate only those thoughts which you'd love to experience in your life.

Another issue in this book was whether you should or shouldn't use phrases "I want". Some authors suggest that if you keep on using them, you'll keep on wanting forever, whereas this authors suggests that wanting is the essence of creation. None have mentioned that what really matters is the subjective experience, the feeling you have associated with those words - when you say "I want" are you experiencing a lack of the thing you want or are you subjectively experiencing an ownership of the thing you want. Feelings of neediness and desperation are not the essence of creation (if you are projecting a feeling of lack, the universe mirrors it back to you and you end up with more of the same), subjective experience of having it is what moves the energy to take the form of a desired thing and manifest in your life.

The author is in this book also discussing some old and new paradigms of asking heavens for help. Just because there are many people who have never learned how to ask heavens for help, I don't think that it constitutes the old paradigm. After all, in the Sermon on the Mount, in the Bible, Jesus himself used what the author is calling a "new paradigm". Throughout history and across the world everyone who prayed aright - whether they called it praying, co-creating, self-hypnosis, magic or by any other term, has done it following the same universal principles, the same paradigm and that is getting into the state of Oneness with the Power of Creation and creating what you desire from that state of mind.

Once you're done with this book, if you want to get even more inspired, you can pick books like Door of Everything by Ruby Nelson, Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding, and A Course in Miracles.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 A Heavenly Read, 6 mai 2013
I initially reviewed this on July 30, 2008. This is a very creatively written book by I am for certain a very creative author. I enjoyed reading this book especially because it helps remind one that spiritually there is always help for one in the spiritual realms. This is a very creative and enlightening book on connecting to the spiritual/celestial realms for help and using your imagination to hire the celestial helpers for your everyday concerns to tap into the universal energy for assistance. It is a very brief but informative and entertaining read. Admittedly I was also persuaded by Janet's positive review of the book (thank you Janet) and am glad to have purchased it. I would definitely have to agree that this is a practical guide to developing working relationships with the spirits of creation and it gives interesting ideas on names to give for committees that you would hire based on concerns and holding "meetings" regarding the help you need. I personally have used some of the suggestions in this book and it has helped make my life easier. Definitely consider this "Hiring The Heavens" by Jean Slatter guide if you are in the process of deciding.
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