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2.0 étoiles sur 5 Didn't light my fire......., 30 avril 2010
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A while ago I decided that we could maybe eat more raw foods, although we are not vegans, vegetarians or anything. We are people who love good food but who try to eat healthy. So I scanned Amazon for books on raw food. The most comments were quite negative. I wanted some easy, straight forward recipes and most books seemed to be nothing of the kind, till I came across this one which seemed to offer what I was looking for: tasty, easy to prepare food! Some people commenting said that it contained silly recipes like a recipe for orange juice. Indeed, that sounds rather odd.... unless you are talking about a book for children! But, I decided that there must be more than that and bought it anyway. I haven't tried any recipes yet and I am not sure whether I am too keen on trying any. I did read the whole book though and there are indeed recipes which I think are unnecessary like Apple Juice, Carrot Juice and Grapefruit Juice. I believe that this book was aimed specially to beginners, students living in a bed sit and so but I wish I had known because as an experienced cook I wasted money on a book which is not at all at the level I am used to. I wanted recipes which didn't take too much time or needed too much equipment I don't own, but being taught how to make orange juice..... Another critic I have is that often simple recipes take the whole page. It is maybe a pleasing lay out but you end up not getting too many recipes and anyway, I didn't buy the book only because of a pleasant lay out. I have the feeling that the author didn't have too many ideas and this way a book still could be made. I will try a few recipes but my feeling right now is that trying to make cakes and other dishes we always cook without cooking is maybe a bit ambitious and I think that the recipes will disappoint unless you are really into this lifestyle and don't mind that the results are not perfect! By the way, the recipe for Minced Onion or the recipe for Minced Parsley are also quite hilarious! I gave this book two stars because as I didn't try any recipes who knows.... it might still surprise me........

My advice would be, if you, like me, are not into the lifestyle and just want to eat more raw food because it is healthy, look for recipes either online or in regular cookery books, I am sure that you will find a lot!
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