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le 10 avril 2014
David Godman has succeeded in compiling one of the most accessible, but at the same time quite exhaustive, book on Baghavan's life and teachings!

The book has been very well structured and the fact that David has spent some thirty years living there shows up in the book. What I really appreciated is the clear indications allowing us to distinguish between Baghavan's direct teachings and any interpretations there might be. There's this faithfullness in David's approach that I really liked.

Self-enquiry seemed so easy but at the same time so complicated in the sense that we can easily go astray... Having such a book makes it easier for all of us to avoid the misconceptions and stick to the path indicated by Baghavan!

I keep on revisiting each chapter and each time I get some new insights that I couldn't find the first time around.

For anyone who wants to follow Baghavan's teachings, this is the place to start...
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