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4,6 sur 5 étoiles
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le 18 février 2011
What would you do if you knew it was your last day to live? What if you had the chance to do it over and over again? Would you change your actions and your way of thinking?

In BEFORE I FALL by Lauren Oliver, Samantha Kingston has the chance to do just that. She is killed one night in a car accident, but wakes up the next morning, only to find that the day is happening all over again. She soon learns that just one little change in her actions can alter how the rest of the day goes, not only for her, but also for those around her.

When I read the summary of BEFORE I FALL some time back, I knew instantly that I wanted to read it. And once I got the book, I couldn't wait to start. But I quickly started thinking that I made a mistake. I didn't like Sam, the main character, AT ALL! I thought she and her friends were self-centered, and annoying, and not at all what high school was like. I was about to stop reading the book, which I never do, when I decided to go read other reviews online. Many of the other reviewers mentioned how they didn't care for Sam, either, but continued on and ended up loving the book. So I decided to continue reading. And thank goodness I did!

Throughout the story, we see Sam do a complete one-eighty and turn from an annoying, selfish, immature teenager into a young lady who realizes that she can help change someone's life. I loved how each day, Sam figured out how just one small action would cause a completely different reaction. And I really liked Kent. He seemed so sweet and was always there for Sam.

The ending of the story really pulls at your heartstrings. It's sad but in a happy way, if that makes any sense. This novel makes you realize that life is short, and your actions regarding yourself and others have consequences that you might never imagine.

Reviewed by: Andrea
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le 9 janvier 2011
Ce livre est superbe , j'adore lire mais j'avoue que ce livre m'a bouleversé beaucoup plus que les autres. Il est très bien écrit et l'auteur ne manque pas d'idées et nous montre cobien la vie peut nous faire changer et combien notre vie peut changer selon les choix qu'on fait.
Vraiment c'est le livre à lire!!, il est magnifique!!.
I could not stop reading the book, I wanted to know what would happen. I loved it!!!
There's books you will never forget and it's one of them
I wish you a good reading
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le 4 octobre 2011
Un chef d'œuvre!! Une journée qui se répète encore et encore, sans qu'on se lasse. Rien que pour ça... chapeau! Mais il y a tellement d'autres choses à dire sur ce roman: touchant, vrai... On est plongé avec le personnage dans ce tourbillon qui n'en finit pas, on pleure, on rit avec elle. Un livre qui fait aussi réfléchir sur sa propre vie... Un bijou à relire encore et encore.
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le 4 juin 2012
This story is awesome and I only gave 4 stars because I feel in love with the boy character and the couple that this book creates but then Lauren Oliver ends it with the couple not being together because ... well I won't spoil it. It's so interesting how it unfolds, and at times frustrating because you want the girl to have another chance but then she does not... it makes me so insane to think about what could have been. I prefer the happy endings where what could have been becomes FOR REAL awesome togetherness. But all in all I'm such a fan of Lauren Oliver but she loses one star for killing the romance a bit...er A LOT. xo xo
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le 27 février 2013
Encore une fois, Lauren Oliver, nous livre un petit chef d'oeuvre qui pose la question : et s'il ne nous restait plus qu'un jour à vivre, que ferions-nous ?
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