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le 26 février 2013
We’ve become so used to complex modern space opera immersing us in multi-threaded tales spanning galaxies, super intelligent FTL ships, incomprehensible physics, post-human oddness and unpronounceable names that this seemingly simple story set during humanity’s tentative early footsteps into space is a real breath of fresh air. With only two main characters and a nice linear timeline it tells the tale of a conflict that threatens to overwhelm mankind’s fragile expansion into the solar system. As you’d expect with so few dramatis personae, there is plenty of opportunity for character development so that it’s easy to empathise with Miller and Holden’s differing personalities and while developing character depth could easily deaden the pace, nothing is further from the truth. The non-stop action, plot twists and easy, fluid style makes for an engrossing read and the visualisation & atmosphere are superb with Miller’s narrative bringing a lovely noir feel with a smattering of Sam Vimes world-weary humour.

It’s interesting to note that the author is actually a collaboration in the tradition of Niven & Pournelle and indeed the whole tale is almost an homage to earlier classics with some nice little bits of reverential hat-tipping but with a fresh, modern feel. I particularly liked the choice of name for Holden’s acquired ship, a fitting tribute to Rush’s ‘Sygnus X1’. I’m already part way through Caliban’s War and, yes, it is also very, very good – the plots thicken and the conspiracies deepen.
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le 11 juin 2012
D'une efficacité redoutable. C'est ce qui me vient à l'esprit après avoir sacrifié de nombreuses heures de sommeil à Leviathan Wakes de James S.A. Corey. Sous le titre et le scénario d'une énième série de science-fiction standard, se cache un roman haletant, dont le rythme maîtrisé vous fera tourner les pages avec avidité du début à la fin. Mention spéciale pour les personnages complexes et attachants, l'univers travaillé et la SF "réaliste", qui évite le cliché du diptyque empire galactique / voyage plus rapide que la lumière sans sombrer dans la Hard SF obscure et austère pour autant. Seuls regrets, les motivations des factions antagonistes (Mars et Terre) sont un peu vagues et confuses, et le "secret" principal manque peut-être légèrement d'ambition. Rien qui n'empêche de dévorer le livre de bout en bout et d'en redemander une fois terminé pour autant. Espérons que le tome 2 saura maintenir le rythme et ainsi installer la série comme une valeur sûre.
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le 17 mars 2014
Les premières pages donnent une impression de déjà vu. Mais au fil de l'eau, le lecteur découvre un gros travail de création autour d'une idée intéressante.
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le 15 août 2013
An intimate space opera. Yes... What it means? Rich characters, finely painted, with just the extra touch to make them auto-caricatures ig you reallywant to read it at a distance, but in limited numbers. Billions years span since plot initiation, but just a few month actions. All within our Sustem. No useless gibberish on techno (and I am a senior engineer), focus is all on people and action. Just a very good book then, very far from the Banks style.
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le 27 juillet 2014
A very engrossing near future sci-fi that relies on current science as set up for a some excellent story-telling. It start as what would a society be two hundred years from now, and how two folk from a different walk of life ends up fighting the same 'foe' in a deeper and deeper unsettling situation.

Not giving it 5 stars as the use of Checkhov' laser gun becomes way too obvious after a while.
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le 28 novembre 2014
This is not that Compared to the Cultures sweeping cleanliness control and perfection .. .. this is dirty, grimy oily fingered mechanics Jury-Rigging tech to keep things going and is all the more enjoyable and believable because of it.
Thoroughly enjoyed it
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le 22 juillet 2014
A very good surprise
The stage is set for future books and in this 1st opus, we have a non stop action book, with a lot of great scenes, very visual, with humour and suspense.
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