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4,7 sur 5 étoiles
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le 10 janvier 2014
This award-winning adventure of Inspector Kurt Wallander (KW) deals with two seemingly unconnected events. The first concerns a clear case of suicide witnessed by KW himself. Throughout the novel he continues to wonder why a scared, coloured teenage girl, apparently fleeing from someone or something would set fire to herself in a remote rapeseed field?
The mainstay of the book starts with a bizarre axe murder and scalping of a former Swedish Justice Minister. His is the first in a series of similar, brutal killings, which KW and his team (and later also experts from Stockholm) investigate, especially with a view to establishing possible linkages between the victims. To this effect exhaustive, detailed forensic research takes place and the victims' social life is turned upside down.
Close to mental and physical collapse, Wallander faces other distractions: dealing with his father who is suffering from dementia, finding time to have his car's roadworthiness certified and doing his mounting pile of dirty laundry. In addition, his daughter pays him an unannounced, and prolonged visit and his planned holiday with his Latvian lady friend draws nearer and nearer amidst mounting chaos.
Excellent police procedural, whose conclusion is truly blood-curdling.
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le 7 juillet 2014
Mankell que voulez-vous c'est une ambiance ...
Et si vous aimer le genre "roman policier nordique" et bien vous aller adorer ...
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le 25 mai 2013
This is another great Wallander mystery. I discovered Henning Mankell just recently and now would like to read all his novels.
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