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le 1 décembre 2011
Altdorf, a novel of the Forest Knights, depicts a medieval time when Switzerland was bubbling toward independence. The story has an infectious cast of complex characters, damaged and ripe with the tensions of the day. They are pushed and pulled in multiple directions by the social, political and religious pressures that ran deep in their mountain culture. This story describes well what it may have been like for the would-be citizens of early Switzerland, marred and beaten by their Austrian overlords...but there's a glimmer of hope...

This historical fiction, is delicately carved and shaped by J. K. Swift, to feel as rich and golden as a fantasy novel, but textured and tensioned with historical truths. The crisp detail will leave you humbled, while the breadth of the characters will steal your heart and leave you dreaming of alpine meadows, dense forests and raging storms. But that's not all...it has love, hatred, sharpened steel, mighty crossbows and of course...ale! Altdorf is not to be missed...don't go thirsty!
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