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3.0 étoiles sur 5 Not much new, 13 décembre 2012
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Rise of the Fallen (All the King's Men Book 1) (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
I read these 180 pages in a day. I was sick at home and felt like something with a touch of fantasy and kink.
This book is the first in a new fantasy series about the king's men.

- Rise of the Fallen
- Heart of the Warrior
- Micah's Calling - Novella Supplement to Rise of the Fallen

Three races coexist in the streets of Chicago: humans, vampires and their shifter cousins the drecks.
Micah is one of the strongest and most unsubordinated Vampire warriors. Many years ago he has lost Catherine his first mate. Now Jackson, a male vampire he started a one sided mating with left him. Losing this bond, made Micah lose his will to live. Pain seems to be his only relief, so he decides to let a drake kill him after having beaten him to near death.
Samantha Garret is an ex-army nurse, running from her husband, hiding in a pole dance club and a one room flat to escape him. When, after a long night of work, she is on her way home she hears a man being beaten to death and does not hesitate, she pulls a weapon and saves the man.
But in fact the man is no real man and he did not really want to be saved, but waking up so close to this incredible woman, everything seems different to him.

While reading I had plenty of times the impression that I already read this. I don't really want to compare it with Lara Adrian or J.R Ward as it is really not as good, but the theme is similar. I was very disturbed by the very descriptive aspect of the writing and the lack of feeling between the characters. I found it all too easy, this you are my mate period everything is different now that I met you. It simply was too easy; Sam's acceptance of this new reality also. and I think over 3 euros is not cheap for 180 pages.
But I finished it and even bought the supplement. So I suppose it wasn't so bad.

Enjoy this new beginning of a vampire series.
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Du plus utile au moins utile | Du plus récent au plus ancien

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