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le 12 janvier 2013
Whether you love or hate this story, one thing is sure : it leaves nobody indifferent or lukewarm and it certainly shows when you read all the readers' hot passionate reactions to it ! Which proves in my opinion what an unforgettable series the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack actually is and how trully gifted Shannon West is !! The heroes Marco & Nicky are not equals indeed and most of the aggro derives from that unpalatable truth at first. According to me, the story should be first and foremost appreciated in the spirit it's written - this is a paranormal romance (with quite cruel overtones) and with a strong suspension of disbelief required. Which takes nothing from certain psychological problems and relationship dynamics that are not being ignored, on the contrary - and it makes for a captivating story, making me feel deeply for the characters involved.

Yes, Nicky is awfully treated all along, but so much love transpires nonetheless all along, paradoxically you could say, that it makes for strong heartache. I must say the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack has instantaneously become my favorite Wolf series while I was yet discovering this whole universe and it still remains my fav', along with the haunting sagas by Zoe Perdita, Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen, my own treasured pantheon ! Finding the heroes again in the following novels of the Dark Hollow saga has been like being reunited with dear friends, a pure joy ! From now on, Nicky(along with Marco, Logan, Ian...)lives in my imagination ; they're breathing, 3-Dimensional & unforgettable characters brought to life by a goddess, Shannon West ! What's more could you ask from an author indeed ?!

Please, dear Shannon, don't keep us anylonger on tenterhooks, we're all awaiting their next adventures !!!
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