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This book is about a woman trying to cope with her troubled, traumatic past. She was once engaged with a man who turned out to be a lethal serial killer, murdering young women just for the fun of it. One day, she discovered the truth about her future husband and her life took up a new turn. A few years later, she lives in New Orleans, under a fake identity, when suddenly some murders are committed, with the same ritual as the Valentine killer's. Is he really back? What for? In the meantime, she falls in love with the cop in charge of the case, which turns this book into a romantic thriller, with hot scenes among other violent ones. Well, this book WAS a nice read, but I felt that the romantic scenes had been pasted. They looked a bit unlikely and broke off the pace of the novel too much. However, it was a good read, with real tension built around the killings and the identity of the killer.
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