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le 16 janvier 2013
I was so relieved and happy to finish this book, I couldn't believe it. Sadly the reason is not that it was so unbelievably good but rather the contrary.

"Come away with me" is a pure love story/ romance/ erotic novel. Period. Not more not less.
The plot is simple: Nathalie Conner is a photographer enjoying the beauty of the beach and taking pictures until a man accuses her of taking his pictures. Luke Williams is astonished to meet a woman who does not know who he is. This intrigues him and he shows a lot of interest. So they fall in love and have sex.

Every time they have a misunderstanding or something which could lead to a drama the idea is:
Are you mad?
No go away!
Later: Oh I missed you!
Me too!
I want you.... And they make love.

Both characters would have potential especially d/t their past scars, but Kristen Proben just doesn't develop them.
What also annoyed me a lot was that the main character (former actor in Vampire movies and super star, whose middle name is Edward) simply reminds me too much of Robert Pattinson and this is something personal, I just couldn't imagine him in this book.

As a conclusion: for me this book lacked developed characters, rhythm and content, the events were unsurprising and sometimes even annoying and I did not even enjoy the sex scenes. I would also have enjoyed a bit of information about the film business, but other than reading famous names and huge sums of money there wasn't much about this either.

If however you are looking for a Love story without any complication, where two people simply enjoy each other this book might be the right one for you.
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le 18 août 2013
How often can someone be called beautiful or handsome in one conversation? Not often enough apparently!!
Your and you're are not interchangeable!!! They mean completely different things!!
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le 24 octobre 2013
J'ai lu ce livre jusqu'au bout dans l'espoir d'avoir un peu de péripéties a un moment mais rien n'est venu ... Histoire platonique aucun rebondissements ... Bref je ne le conseillerai pas ...
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le 12 septembre 2013
très bien écrit! histoire sympa dommage que ce ne soit pas traduit en Français pour le faire lire à mes amies!!
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