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le 1 février 2014
This book - like the first in the series, Pines - is enjoyable enough to keep you turning the pages, but the supension of disbelief is sometimes a struggle. There are lots of unanswered questions, which is frustrating, and time after time I found myself wondering' "How did that happen?" (If the town was built by the fiendish all-seeing Dr, why didn't he have the sense to block off the underground tunnels from the original town? Can you really keep enough food to feed several hundred people in storage for 2000 years? Where did our hero get the Abbi which suddenly wakes up in his car?) And there's no expalnation as to why our hero's wife is already in town when he arrives, even though she's taken after he arrives there.
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le 13 juin 2015
I like the twist, I like the flow, I like the play, I like tense, I like the thrill. There's nothing such as a calibre as Wayward Pines.
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